by Ahmeer Ali Majied


July 13, 2021

Do men think they will be left alone on saying, We believe, and not be tried?  “And indeed we tried those before them”,” So Allah will certainly know those who are true and He will know the liars”.

It has been over two years since the passing of Nation of Islam archivist and C.R.O.E TV Host and Executive Producer Munir Muhammad. Mr. Muhammad made his untimely transition on July 9TH 2019. These unfortunate circumstances caught the organization by surprise but not unprepared. Since 1994 members of the Coalition for the Remembrance of Elijah Muhammad C.R.O.E. worked side by side with Mr. Muhammad producing television shows and chronicling the history of the Nation of Islam, current events and the total black experience. “We are committed, Are You?”  is the motto that hangs in the organizations seating area behind the podium and serves an inspiration to continue to build upon the foundation that has been set. With the counsel of C.R.O.E.  Co-Founders Shahid Muslim and Halif Muhammad the organization has not missed a beat in terms of creating content. Munir’s son Jamil Muhammad now host the organizations two signature shows, Muhammad and Friends and The Munir Muhammad Show. In addition, C.R.O.E.  TV has expanded into C.R.O.E MEDIA livestreaming programming , and launching two radio platforms. C.R.O.E. Radio a 24 hour online radio station that plays excerpts of speeches by the Hon. Elijah Muhammad and his many students .Every Tuesday night at 9:00pm C.R.O.E. member and Munir’s longtime personal assistant Mandene Muhammad host Elevated Talk on WVON AM1690 a program that focuses on the unsung talent within in the black community in business, education,  and current events . Muhammad and Friends airs every Sunday at 7:30pm and repeats Mondays at 2:30pm on Ch.19 , The Munir Muhammad Show airs Monday thru Friday at 1:00pm and 6:00pm Saturday and Sunday at 1:00pm on ch.25 . C.R.O.E Media streams programs every Sunday at 2:30pm and Wednesdays at 6:00pm via “www.croetv.net“, “facebook/croetv” page and or “youtube/croetv”.

For more information about C.R.O.E. or C.R.O.E. Media call 773-925-1600 www.croe.org  or visit 2435 W.71st Street (CROE Lane) 

Remembering Brother Munir Muhammad by Kim Muhammad

Printed 02/17/2021

Brother Munir Muhammad, Co-founder and Business Manager of the Coalition for the Remembrance of Elijah Muhammad (CROE) has always been laser focused on the mission to educate people about the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, the Nation of Islam and the total Black experience in America.  As the spokesperson of the organization, he was well suited for the position because he realized his goal in life was to be known as a defender of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.  He possessed the qualities to lead this mission because of his commitment, dedication, integrity, honesty, and the bravery necessary to not only educate, but also to respond to critics in his mission to educate those who did not know, forgot or loss their faith.

As a man of faith, one of his favorite verses summarizes the essence of the man.  The Holy Book for Muslim, Holy Quran 58:22, “Thou wilt not find a people who believe in Allah and the latter day loving those who oppose Allah and His Messenger, even though they be their fathers, or their sons, or their brothers, or their kinsfolk. These are they into whose hearts He has impressed faith, and strengthened them with a Spirit from Himself, and He will cause them to enter Gardens wherein flow rivers, abiding therein. Allah is well-pleased with them and they are well-pleased with Him. These are Allah’s party. Now surely it is Allah’s party who are the successful!”  His faith in Allah and the Messenger was unshakable.  It was the rock upon which he stood and built on. 

Many titles can be attributed to Brother Munir.  He was an educator, a facilitator, advocate, advisor, negotiator, mentor, counselor, life coach, career coach, relationship builder, subject matter expert and so much more.  But the most important one for him was Archivist for the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.  Minister Louis Farrakhan said in 2018 at CROE’s Founders’ Day event, “you can’t know Brother Munir and not know the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.”  No one can deny that fact.  He always used the Messenger as his guiding light to keep him focused on the real goal in life for him and the elevation of a people. 

As the Archivist and spokesperson, his guest radio and local television appearances would become the catalyst to build our own to promote the organization’s mission.  In 1994, he began hosting a number of shows at the local Chicago cable station, CANTV.  With no background in television, his discipline and the ability to produce new programming with a dedicated team of volunteers, they offered the team a series that became his signature show Muhammad & Friends in 1995 airing Sunday nights on Chicago Cable Channel 19.  He would become the Executive Producer. 

Brother Munir’s non-stop work schedule intensified, educating the community at the archives, traveling to conduct independent research and producing shows. Another opportunity presented itself, Chicago Cable Station, The Loop, Channel 25 to provide programming.  In 1997, an adjacent building, a tavern went up for sale.  It would provide dedicated space for producing live and taped shows.  Brother Munir believed in ownership, so we acquired the building January 1998, renovated the place and later that year began programming and launched his second series The Munir Muhammad Show airing seven days a week.

Brother Munir attracted guests from around the city, state, country and the world.  Chicago Journalist Mike Flannery called him the Minister of Information.  Among the many guests include Chicago Reporters Charles Thomas, Robert Jordan, John Davis, Paul Meincke, Bill Kurtis and Warner Saunders.  After the 911 attacks, he actively sought out and secured an interview with the Chicago Special Agent-in-Charge, Kathleen McChesney to address the issues that concerned Muslims and other law enforcement agencies.  After the close of the OJ Simpson trial, he secured an interview with Johnnie Cochran.  He interviewed Chicago Mayors Richard M. Daley and Rahm Emanuel as well as Aldermen David Moore, Michelle Harris, Pat Dowd to name a few in the City Council.  National politicians Senator Carol Moseley Braun, Dick Durbin, Barack Obama and Maxine Waters did not escape his guest seat.   His concern about the injustice in America caused him to seek out lawyers such as James Montgomery, Donald Hubert, John Fairman and Judges Cynthia Cobb, Ann Burke, and Charles Freeman to educate our people about the law.  Minister Louis Farrakhan, Reverend Jesse Jackson Sr., Dick Gregory are among the long list.  He discussed finance with John Rogers, James Reynolds and so many more.  He didn’t fear the international world, securing interviews with individuals in Europe and Africa.  He was a no nonsense person but he knew how to laugh.  He could appreciate the arts interviewing actress T’Keyah Crystal Keymán, Actors Harry Lennix and Juney Smith to name a few.  The list goes on and on.  And you could always count on a commentary when something touched him.

He focused on information sharing to assist our people in accessing goods and services, providing perspective on breaking current and historical events.  His work was recognized by other community organizations, professional organizations, city and state agencies and organizations around the country.  And all recognized and commended him for his work of upholding the name the Honorable Elijah Muhammad through his television program and diverse programs offered to the community,

Brother Munir was about leadership.  As Co-founder and Business Manager, his leadership was concerned about the entire operation.  He was a team builder, and no one saw it more than his core production team, Brother Mandene Muhammad, Brother George Malachi, Brother Earl Rahman, Brother Ahmeer Majied, Co-founder Shahid Muslim and Kim Muhammad.  He supported his team as much as they supported him.  No matter how much the team gave in their works, he gave more, working side by side, analyzing, as a subject matter expert on the Nation of Islam, his engagement was always a high point for the team. When we thought we had no more to give because of the long hours, his energy and excitement could move you into action.   If there was work to do, the team kicked into action.  Others came on board.  He set the example, a very high standard for excellence because that was who he was.  We followed, we learned, and it made us all better.

In a commentary prior to his departure, July 9, 2019 he stated, “I know I will live among the stars.” A few months earlier, Minister Louis Farrakhan called in to his television program and said, ‘your legacy is cemented in the history of the Nation of Islam’.  He never got to meet the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, but his life bears witness to the greatness of the Messenger and his ability to reproduce himself in others.  Brother Munir established CROE to remember a man written out of history.  There were many faithful followers that paved the way that we should never forget.  A period is behind his name and the record is clear on his belief, his faith and the mission that he devoted his life to.  His legacy lives on and it serves as an example of what we can do if we only believe and give our heart, mind, and spirit to Allah.  We should seek to do Allah’s will and not our own.  The work continues and we must get busy on behalf of Allah and our community.  We will always love you and thank you Brother Munir


Printed in the Chicago Crusader 08/22/2020.

July 9th marked the one-year anniversary since the passing of Nation of Islam archivist, historian and communications guru Munir Muhammad, he was 69. His transition sent shockwaves throughout the Muslim community, the city of Chicago, the country and many parts of the world. Known affectionately as Brother Munir, Mr. Muhammad along with his biological brother Halif Muhammad and Shahid Muslim founded the organization C.R.O.E. an acronym for the Coalition for the Remembrance of Elijah Muhammad in 1987.  C.R.O.E. is an archival library and information center that houses an extensive collection of historical memorabilia pertaining to the life and work of Nation of Islam leader the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.  For the past 33 years the group has compiled volumes of Muhammad Speaks newspaper periodicals, audio /video recorded speeches, press conferences, radio broadcast and private meetings held at dinner table of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad. 

As the face of the organization Munir Muhammad worked passionately and tirelessly to inform anyone whom he came into contact with about the significant contributions and greatness of his leader, teacher and guide. Traveling around the globe whether interviewing heads of state on the continent of Africa or capturing the attention college students in a lecture hall at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Munir Muhammad was always in the mode of educating people and chronicling history. From 1994 to 2019 Mr. Muhammad served as Executive Producer and host of C.R.O.E. TV Productions, with two signature programs Muhammad and Friends and The Munir Muhammad Show. In 1998 Munir spearheaded an effort to convert an old tavern Fuzzy’s Den into a state of art television studio production facility. In the span of twenty-five years Munir Muhammad conducted over 10,000 interviews, with a wide array of guest from all walks of life. Guest have included singer songwriter Smokey Robinson, actors Harry Lennix, Mario Van Peeples, John Rogers CEO of Ariel Capital Mutual Funds, Rev Jesse L Jackson, Min. Louis Farrakhan ,former U.S. Senator Carol Mosley Braun ,former Chicago mayors Richard M. Daley and Rahm Emmanuel, current Mayor Lori Lightfoot  during tenure as federal prosecutor during Operation Silver Shovel ,  NNPA Chairperson Dorothy Leavell, former ABC 7 journalist Charles Thomas and a cadre of elected officials . Before Facebook live, podcast, and YouTube channels there was a man who created an independent platform for information and news to be accessed independent of mainstream media, introducing a new generation and re-acquainting an older generation to the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad unadulterated. For that alone let us never forget Munir Muhammad a trailblazer and reminder.

Truth by The Honorable Elijah Muhammad from Our Saviour Has Arrived

I am well aware of my disputers who dispute without knowledge and who are followers of the devils for certain privileges. They claim to be representatives of God and Jesus Whom they claim to be the Son of God, but they are licensed, ordained, and sent by the devils (God-sent men are licensed by the world).  This class which loves to be revered and honored by the people whether God has any respect for them or not are really agents of the slavemasters the devils). They are secret persecutors and murderers of the prophets of God and will say: “If they had been in the days of the prophets, they would have been their followers and would not have opposed them.” Yet they persecute me and my followers and all who teach the truth for the same reason that the enemies did to the prophets of old.

It was special privileges that Pharaoh offered the “enchanters” to oppose Moses as being a liar. “He promised them that they would be drawn near to him,” (Pharaoh); Holy Qur’an (7:113, 114). It is the nearness (friendship) of the white race that the majority of the so- called Negro preachers seek, and not the nearness, love, and friendship of God. They openly confess that in their position (licensed and missioned by the white race to preach according to their likings), they cannot preach the truth if that truth is against the white race. Their followers’ (church members) burdens are ever made grievous to carry because of the love and fear of their enemies by the preachers. They call preaching the truth hatred.  The source from which my teaching springs, or fountain from which I drink, is the same source from which Noah, Abraham, Moses, and Jesus drank – Almighty Allah (God) in whom you probably do not believe; as the disbelievers of the above – mentioned prophets did not believe in those prophets’ truth.

The early man (original man) knew the earth’s revolutions, the circulation of blood, and the existence of microbes.  The only man or people who were late in acquiring such knowledge was the white race which is the only late or new race we have on our planet.  “Adherence to the unknown is a throw-back to anyone or nation.”  This is the number one holdback to the so-called American Negro.  Without the knowledge of self or anyone else, or the God of their salvation they are lost, strictly adhering to or following those who preach and represent a mystery God (unknown), but yet charge that mystery God with getting a son out of wedlock and of waiting 4,000 years to produce His Son to give His made people (the Adamic race) the religion called Christianity.  This is the gravest charge that could be made against the all-wise, all-knowing, and all-powerful God.  And they say: “The beneficent God has taken to Himself a Son.”  Certainly this is an abominable assertion; the heavens may almost be rent thereat, and the earth cleave asunder, and the mountains fall down in pieces that they (the Christians’ preachers) ascribe a Son to the beneficent God.  And it is not worthy of the beneficent God that He should like to Himself a Son.  “There is no one in the heavens and the earth, but will come to the beneficent God as a servant,” Holy Qur’an (19:88-93).

I bear witness with the above-said that an all-wise, all-powerful God does not need a Son; and if He would get one as the Christians charge Him (out of wedlock), He could be charged with adultery.  I repeat, “The white man’s so-called Christianity is not only no good for the Black man; but it is fast proving to be no good for the white race who are the founders of that religion, and not Jesus, as they would like for you to believe.

An Open Letter By Cynthia X (Williams) of New Jersey

ASA Bro. Farrakhan:
I am troubled and deeply pained. Imagine if a Believer was knocked unconscious in 1994 and woke up in 2009? Imagine that same Believer slowly re-acclimating oneself to the Messenger by listening to Theology of Time series, watching the interview of the Messenger by Irv Kupcinet and Buzz Anderson, then studying the Messenger’s 1958 Birth of a Savior.

Now imagine that same Believer seeing the current edition of the Final Call “Can America Win” featuring a white soldier holding a gun on the front page.

Bro., Where is Elijah?
Ohhh, I found him: Page 19 Prayer in Islam; Page 28 Fasting and Eating Right Foods. Is this really adequate? Is this enough Teaching for the Snoop Dogs, Foxy Browns, and the remainder of our Dumbed Down Black populace?

I saw something on YouTube where you decried anyone making you into a punk. Well, why depict Elijah as a old relic of the civil rights era; as if Elijah is relevant only to topics of food and prayer;
your paper just punk’d the Messenger of Allah.

Where are Elijahs Teachings about the reality of God Allah, Who Came in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad in the Final Call?

Where are Elijahs Teachings about the Original Man and the Colored Man/Yacub’s Grafted Devil?

Have you and your followers become ashamed of Elijah? Why do you have “followers”? Aren’t the people whom you minister to suppose to belong to Master Fard Muhammad?
Why have you not kept Elijah out Front as all the Ministers were instructed in 1965? The instruction hasn’t changed. You do still take instructions from Elijah don’t you?
Our people are more depraved, savage, and vulnerable than ever.
You self appointed yourself to lead the NOI after pledging allegiance to the Hypocrite and Defamer Wallace Deen.
The Believers forgave your Hypocracy when you pledged to re-build the NOI with our help. Instead of manifesting the Messengers characteristic Humbleness and Fire (that consumes false teachings and the Liar), I heard you say you are Wise. I listened to you say, you were a General and had manuevered to keep us from being slaughtered.

You make yourself a rival with Master Fard Muhammad by using such language. The Scientists saw no end to His Wisdom, so to style yourself as Wise and a General there must be evidence to support this, but as the Messenger taught, what would another one teach you? We only need to echo the Teachings and practice the Program.

It is only the Son of Man who controls who lives and who perishes.


All you had to do was be a faithful and parrot of the Teachings of the Messenger. This is not an insult but a high compliment to anyone who maintains fidelity to the Teachings from God Himself against the onslaught of the forgetful, silly, and jealous orthodox muslims, and the Devil.

The Messenger and Allah are inseparable, Allah made His Choice in 1931. I chose you as my leader in 1980 as the National Representative of THEM at the Elma Lewis School of Fine Arts in Boston.

Yet by 1994 the Spirit of the Messenger departed from me with help from you going off course derailing the Teachings and not keeping the Messenger out front.

The Million Man March has become the Million Man Corpses. The stench of death envelop Black people everywhere in America because our Men are not functioning like the example of the Messenger and our women are the Devils handmaidens.

We are decomposing while we live. Poison food, poison air, poison medicine, bad housing, low education, single mothers who can’t teach anything to the “future”, marriageable Black men in prison confinement, non-stop computer game playing, endless filthy dancing, and so on and so forth.

So under your leadership, instead of making me study the Messenger I spent countless hours trying to grasp your new teachings in the series, “Self Improvement the Basis for Community Development”, oh, and the Number 19 as if I were in seminary school. It was sterile and non life giving and I faded. I probably would have fought the good fight if the Teaching remained consistent. I don’t know for sure. But those endless Bible verses were not helpful. Young people have to be put to work to see how you grow and nurture business and self independence. I went from Muslim novice to Christian theology scholar. Definately not what I signed up for.

What I should have been studying is what Master Fard Muhammad instructed, not your revamped version of the wheel.

What MFM gave Elijah in 3.5 years lasted Elijah 44 years. How then do you stand up in 1977 or ’78 and switch out teachings a few years later. You didn’t re-capture what was squandered and given away by Wallace. Until you could match the Messenger, all you had to do was aide us in catching up to where the NOI left off.
Orthodox Muslims. Their non-acceptance of Master Fard Muhammad and Elijah is of no consequence; they control nothing in Allah’s heaven and earth.

Ramadan is in December. Allah did not give you Authority to Change or Alter what He deemed appropriate for the Black people in America in terms of fasting from spending, drinking, and hog eating all in the name of a righteous prophet Jesus in the month of December.

Bro. how were you able to embrace and praise Wallace Deen when he sent you and a whole generation of our people back to the vomit of spirit worship, forbidding the Messengers books, sending us into empty rituals, dependancy, and seeking nearness to our open enemies of 400 years? But even more important, how do you embrace someone who tried nearly all his life to humiliate and hurt the man giving life to the dead Black Nation and gave life to You? Allah does not love His Enemies. Are you more magnanimous than Allah? Of course not, so you embraced Wallace Deen for a reason known only in your bosom
Wallace never recanted or asked forgiveness. Why are there no articles in your Final Call examining The Time? The Son of Man? Do you not care you are aiding in Depriving Black people the knowledge of Self, God Allah and the Devil though you have a medium to educate Black people about Elijah?

Do you realize by omitting the Base Teachings that God is a Man and not a Spook, and the caucasian is the Devil who continues to visit horrific Evils upon the defenseless Black People, you are complicit in sheparding the Black people of America to Destruction?

Warning to the Orthodox Muslims who seek to Deprive the Messenger of what Allah gave him which is the Authority and mission to preach Freedom, Justice, and Equality to the deprived Black people in America.

The Orthodox Muslims, with your blessings Bro., returned us to worshipping a Spirit/Spook to make us unworthy and to prevent us from getting out of the way of Allahs Destruction.

Master Fard Muhammad’s destruction of America was delayed to give an opportunity to teach us and then get us out of the way of Allah’s chastisement on America and the rest of the white Devils along their Black sympathizers.
Are you trying to win friends and influence people by denying Elijah and the “Separation or Death” that he taught?

Why not trumpet and promote Elijah?
He overcame the slanderers and Hypocrites(Kallatt, Malcolm, and Wallace Deen et al).

His example of non-stop Nation building to doubting Black people proving “Yes We Can” long before it was co-opted by the chameleon half-original Obama (who wont even speak one word nor commit any federal resources to Black concerns). But you know what Bro. my pain is easing and my fire is increasing. If Allah is indeed Oft-Returning to Mercy, than by making me to know the the Coalition for the Remembrance of Elijah (C.R.O.E)is that mercy to me. Now, I do not know how my story will end, but I do know I haven’t felt the Spirit of the Messenger until CROE. They are the archive for the history of the NOI and an institution of Higher Learning.

I’ve been “processing”. What this means is CROE insists that our people need to know Elijah’s Teachings to the fullest. They promote Black people having a direct relationship with the Teachings without anyone’s slant, bent, interpretation, or coloring. They remove conscious and unconscious barriers that would interfere with getting the Root knowledge, the Teachings.

This includes personality worship or depending on a personality to give the teachings life to a student. It’s like the old Kung Fu t.v series, when Kane could walk across the rice paper without tearing it, he could rely on his own base of knowledge to be self-guided for the remainder of his life.

CROE promotes the Messengers teachings just as He gave it for 44 years.
Its been a quite a journey but I have gotten you, dear heart, Bro. Farrakhan out of my system, and now see the Messenger and Master Fard Muhammad as the sole repository of light, truth, and Real Love.

I missed an opportunity to learn the Messenger when I was an impressionable teen under your direction. With CROE I get that chance to learn again. The Messenger said on 11/11/62 that the Devil would have a hard time trying to extinguish this teaching, “from the East coast to the Gulf coast, to the West coast round the boarder of Canady, you will find little Elijah’s”.
C.R.O.E. is a little Elijah. I want to be a little Elijah. My own independent self. So I study Elijah as I’ve never done before.

I hope it is not too late for me to do something worthy and have some heaven on earth while I live.

As Salaam Alaikum
Your Sis from Boston now in New Jersey
Cynthia X. (Williams)
Hoping you return to Teaching the Teachings of the Honorable ElijahMuhammad and not hide the Messenger or the reality of God being a Man in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad.

The Lake of Fire By: The Honorable Elijah Muhammad

The following editorial can be found in the book, Birth of A Saviour.
Think over how much you have been preached to like Jerusalem. The Jesus said he did all that work in Jerusalem, and that even if Sodom and Gomorrah had had that kind of work they would have believed and repented long ago. I say the same thing about Chicago, and Detroit: For 40 years I have taught the people of these two cities enough for them to walk into Heaven. Regardless to how high it is or how wide it is, they should be able to walk in it because they have been taught everything. They should be scientists at the Knowledge of Truth.

But just think over the prophecy. When the time came the people still were in doubt and it overtook them at a time they knew not. This is Truth.

That is the way it was with Noah and Lot. When the time came they didn’t have anybody so he had to turn them all over to destruction. Think over the hundreds of thousands of our people in Chicago to be turned over to destruction. If you are not a believer you won’t go any place but to that.
Don’t think I am going to try to defend you and you are at home asleep instead of at the Temple. I am the one.

I have said that I am the One who will be here to do this kind of work. You will say like the disbelievers said to the prophets in those days. They begged the prophets to let them go along with them but they weren’t worthy. Look at all of the converts Lot thought he had. The angels kept telling him they would cut the number down if he could bring it up. He kept running back thinking that he had more followers than that five or ten or fifteen. He thought he could get that before he would get out of the door but he was not able to do it. He just was able to bring before the Angels four or five.

The Bible and the Holy Qur’an speak of a very small number coming from you out of millions. The Bible says two out of a family and then it says in another place that the people would be very small in number, that believe. And it looks like that.

What’s holding you back? “Oh, I don’t believe nothing is going to take place like what he’s talking about. He may be talking just for money.” Well if we are, your money would not be any good if these things come to pass and they are going to come to pass.

A Man like Me who has been wrestling with your disbelief for years gets disgusted sometimes. We are having some bad, bad, bad troubles in this part of the world as you read and as you hear over the radio. There is suffering. Don’t think you are immune to it. The Holy Qur’an says you will hear it coming from a distant place with its vehemence raging and roaring. It is on its way to bite Chicago. It will frighten you nearly to death when you see these things going on in America and in Chicago.

Chicago and many other cities of America will be treated like these that you are reading about and listening to. That same kind of trouble, or worse, will come here. I am like Jesus said after he had taught Jerusalem so long and so hard. He was disgusted. He got outside and looked back at her. “Oh Jerusalem, Jerusalem, that killeth the prophets and stoned them that are sent unto thee. How often would I have covered thee as a mom covers her little chicks with her wings? I only say if thou wouldst believe, but thou now art left desolate. There will be no more prophets after me. I was your last one. Woe to Jerusalem. You hate prophets. You don’t like them. “That is an awful pitiful crime”. In about 70 years another king came in and sacked the city taking away the independence of the Jews. These things will soon come to America.

Then what will you do who are depending on the devil Caucasian here? You won’t have anything to look forward to. Some of you are loving the devil Caucasian so well and so sincerely that you don’t want to bear Me call him a devil. But you just stick around who are loving him. Him and you both will be pushed into the lake of fire together.

“And I saw,” said the Revelations, “the devil and those who follow him pushed into a lake of fire and brimstone.” Don’t think these people are lying just to fright you into believing. No. It is coming to pass. Prophets don’t lie. The people call them liars but they don’t lie.

The sun is going down in the West. This Teaching will raise a power Sun of Truth from this part of our planet by Me whom Allah (God) raised up among you. No more will you look towards the East after this for the light of Truth to come. The Light of Truth which the scientists of the East were not able to give you will come from the west. 

We are happy to have had the privilege to let the Word of truth drop into the heads of our people. We pray Allah that this Word will be multiplied into your hearts with the 30 or more million people of ours. 

We are happy to say to those who have read these few words that we are your Brothers and Sisters and we want you in the Circle of Safety from a Saviour Who is well able to save you and Me. 

Thanks to Master Fard Muhammad, Almighty God, for coming to save you and Me. The words that you have read of Him, please take them to heart. Go forth wherever you may go and tell others of your kind that the Saviour has arrived.  

May the God of Truth, Power, Justice and Equality go with you until we meet as I say unto you, As-Salaam-Alaikum.

Elijah Muhammad Messenger of Allah

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad Denounces Jesse Jackson

WE are living in a GREAT DAY OF GOD AND MAN. Allah (God) now Desires to take for Himself to Reign over the nations of the earth.

There are two Gods. One god is the god of evil and the Other is the God of Righteousness and Justice. The nature of the two Gods is so much different from one another that it makes it impossible for one God to yield to the other God, because of their nature.

UNRIGHTEOUSNESS and injustice has triumphed over the people for the past six thousand (6,000) years. The unjust god was not one to give up his place for the God of Justice. Well, we cannot blame him since by nature he was made a god – a ruler. But his time is and his rule is up. He is now in time of the other God – the God of Righteousness and Justice. Who Will Rule the people in Righteousness, Freedom, Justice and Equality.

So this is a GREAT DAY – the passing away of one world and the coming in of another world. WE have suffered under the evil that the devil was made for. Up until this very minute he wants to do all the evil that he can do regardless to the Bible and the Holy Quran teaching that Allah (God) Will Reward him and me for every good act or good work.

EVERYTHING is being changed from the old to a new thing.



The Benefit Party

WE HAD A BENEFIT PARTY, on Sunday, August 16, 1970, from 6:00 P.M. TO 9:00 P.M., at the SALAAM RESTAURANT, located at 8300 South Cottage Grove Avenue, Chicago, Illinois.

WE had a great time and there were great people in attendance. I want to say to all of you who attended and who gave $10.00 per plate on that day to help us to purchase an EDUCATIONAL CENTER and HOSPITAL for our sick and wounded Black People – that this work of building an EDUCATIONAL CENTER and HOSPITAL will also add to the employment among us. This was not over-looked by those who visited us last Sunday, August 16, 1970 and gave their $10.00.

AFTER LISTENING to the tape recording of the testimonial speeches made by these great Black Men of our Black society and of the Black Leaders in the political world – it was outstanding.

WE had a great number of these outstanding Black men at this BENEFIT PARTY. Among these great Black men were Alderman Metcalfe, Judge Alvin Turner, Warden Winston Moore of Cook County Jail, Mr. Leonard Weir of New York City, President of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF AFRO – AMERICAN POLICE and many others which space will not allow us to mention.

I sit and listen again and again to such wonderful words of credit and commendation of myself, and my followers, in what we are trying to do for the betterment of our Black People, by the Guidance of Allah (God), Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praises are due forever. It was so wonderful of the speakers, to speak so well and to give the muslims and myself such great credit for what Allah (God) is Guiding us to do. Andy they wish to help us even more.

OF all of the political speakers Alderman Metcalfe was the most outstanding speaker, although everyone spoke well. I do believe I can say this in truth all of the guest speakers spoke well except, Rev. Jesse L. Jackson. Rev. Jesse Jackson, according to the tape recording that I am listening to, seems to have been very careful that he do not give the Muslims a full credit for what we are doing in the Name of Allah and for our Black People. And Rev. Jesse Jackson is supposed to be a spiritual preacher and according to the tape recording he is a graduate from a Christian Seminary college for Preachers.

I WAS SURPRISED at so many things that he got around to without giving my followers and myself any credit. His subject was based upon what we should get together in doing, while in truth I am already doing that, by the help of Allah (God).

THERE is nothing that the Black Man can say against the start toward self that I am making. Each step that I am taking in the Name of Allah is most essential and he would admit this if he wanted to give the truth and the credit to the person.

I AM a spiritual teacher and I am also a commercial man for my followers. I am doing that which is predicted of me and my work in the Bible, by the prophets of the Bible. If you will take a minute or two to turn the pages of the Bible you will find that the Bible refers to me in two thirds (2/3) or more of its teachings.

I DO NOT want you to pat me on the shoulder unless the honor to me is from your heart. I will let my work do that and the God Who Sent Me.

REV. JESSE JACKSON destroyed everything that went with scripture, the theological teachings of the Bible and of the Seminary College. I have met with quite a few preachers who went to such schools to learn more about the meaning of the scripture. Of course their teacher who taught them is the enemy of righteousness. Therefore they were careful not to make you wise to the truth for they know that by nature the Black Man was made of truth.

REV. JESSE JACKSON goes on to say to us that Moses was a liar. I have never even heard an infidel call the Bible’s greatest prophet, Moses, a liar. If Rev. Jesse Jackson had studied the theology side of the scripture he would not have dared to call a prophet a liar.

REV. JESSE JACKSON said that Moses was lying when he said to God that he was not eloquent of tongue, to speak to Pharoah. There is no book on the history of Moses, by any writer of his or teaching that claims that Moses was able to speak well or eloquently. All of the writers agree that Moses could not speak an eloquent language.

REV. JESSE JACKSON claimed that when Moses said, he could not speak well, that this was a deliberate lie and that Moses had been a general in the Egyptian Army of the Egyptian government. I have never found a history that said that Moses was in the position of an officer before being called to prophethood and the mission of Moses.

MOSES WAS THE Messenger of God to ask Pharoah to let Israel go free from the Egyptian Bondage of them. Moses’s history, Moses’ tongue and language was protoypal of the speech of the Last Messenger of God, and that is myself.

MOSES did not tell God a lie. God knew Moses’ mouth. He did not answer Moses and say “Moses you are lying.” God did not say this to Moses. He knew that Moses spoke out of fear. God knew that Moses did not speak eloquently. Actually Moses was using his inability to speak well as an excuse to keep from going before Pharoah. Moses was afraid of Pharoah.

MOSES had grown up under Pharoah as the other Hebrews had. He felt insignificant to face the king of the country and he wanted to assure himself of the Power and the Protection of Jehovah. Behind him to do the job. He shows this in the words “Who shall I say Sent me? What will Pharoah Ask me? He may say, Who are you to come and ask me about letting Israel go free. Where will you take them? Where is your country?” As the Holy Quran teaches us that Pharoah said to Israel, “What does this man have? Where does he have a country to take you to?” He exalted himself that Egypt was his. That the rivers running at his feet was his. He also tells Israel, “I have a place, a country for you. This man has no place for you to go to, so why do you want to leave me?”

TO CALL a Divine Prophet a liar is to put yourself in the same position as the devil himself is in, for he is against God. Throughout the past this is what the devil has wanted to do – to make the people to think that the prophets raised up among the people were liars.

THINK OVER, a Reverend, a preacher of the Bible and the Christian religion, calling Moses a liar. The Christian religion recognizes Moses as the greatest prophet of the Bible.

FOR REV JESSE JACKSON to call Moses a liar, then in his way of thinking, all prophets are liars. A prophet cannot stand in the presence -in the Face of God and lie.

NO, EVEN in the history of Jonah -Jonah tried to escape going to Ninevah for he feared the Ninevites. He yet did not lie to God. But he did try to hide away on a ship – as we call it, as a stowaway. He admitted that he was trying to flee from accepting going to Ninevah because of his fear of the people. The same things was in Moses. He feared to go before Pharoah, as the Holy Quran has the history of Moses that he feared to come before Pharoah before he had gotten the proper Authority and Power behind that mission from Jehovah. But there was never a fault in Moses. It is the worse thing that we could to – to think that Allah (God) would Choose a liar for His Prophet or Messenger. To call the Prophet of God a liar is to call God Himself a liar.

THIS is why the Holy Quran teaches and warns us that disbelief in the prophets is Disbelief in the God Who Sent him. And to call the prophet a liar is to call God a liar and to do so, you are in for the chastisement from the God.

HOW can a Rev. Jesse Jackson, who calls himself a preacher of scripture and an educated man from the science school of scripture, called a seminary college, tell the people that so great a prophet, Moses was a liar.

MOSES was outstanding among prophets. Moses was an example or a prototype of the Last Messenger of Allah (God). Moses prophecied that the Last Messenger would be like himself. And Jesus affirmed this. Jesus said the same thing that Moses said. Theologians who write on the history of Moses and the prophecy made in Deu. 18:18 agree that they look forward for such a man as Moses.

LET ME ask Rev. Jesse Jackson, are not we under a similar or worse Pharoah than the Pharoah who lived in the time of Moses? The modern Pharoah in Washington, D.C. is worse for he is wiser than the Pharoah who lived in the time of Moses. He has more knowledge of how to make a more permanent slave. Therefore it takes a wiser Messenger to deal with such a wise slave master.

NO WONDER Rev. Jesse Jackson did not give me and my followers any credit for he does not believe in God’s prophets. According to him they are liars. And no one has heard of a seminary college student bearing me witness that I fulfill that which is written of me.

REV. JESSE JACKSON, you do not have to make mistakes. My name Elijah, is there in the Bible. It is written that I must come first before the great and terrible Day of God. I am here. I think that you are way off from understanding the time and the work and I would tremble if I would make a mistake and say what you say.

MAY BE there are scientists of the scripture who think that I should just dismiss you as not knowing the scriptures. But I cannot leave Rev. Jesse Jackson like that.

No. Rev. Jesse Jackson was very shrewd in trying to keep honor of the work that I am doing among the Black Man here on the South side and throughout America and the world, from coming from his mouth. It is because he longs for this honor himself, as the Bible teaches you, that the scribes desired to sit in Moses seat. This means that all the non-divinely authorized teachers wanted to have the honor that Moses had. This goes for all the preachers here in America. That is why they do not follow me. But I wait until such is flung on his face in disgrace and shame.

AGAIN AND AGAIN my followers and myself thank you for meeting with us at the party in such way. And the great guest speakers of our city government can rely on myself and my followers as doing the best for them when they run for public office as we desire to see on the South side of Chicago, every capable political Black man in office over his Black Brother. Every Black Policeman should be over his Black Brother here on the South Side. WE should even have a chance to run as Mayor of the City of Chicago.

A BLACK MAYOR in office in Chicago, Illinois, would bring an end to the war between citizen and citizen which is now going on and there would be more peace and enjoyment of peace. An army of authorized city officials are backed by their superiors to keep the shooting war going on between citizen and citizen. With a great Black Man as Mayor we would have a better future for the Black Man on the South Side of Chicago, Illinois. There would be more contentment between Black Brother and Black Brother.

I THANK you for visiting us and voicing your opinion of our work which we are doing in the Name of Allah (God) for the betterment of our Black Brothers and Sisters and their Black children. AS-SALAAM-ALAIKUM (Peace to you all).


Messenger of Allah,

to you all