Shahid Muslim
Co-Founder/Director of C.R.O.E.

Shahid means “witness bearer”. A former Black Nationalist, he always admired the Muslims. He attended a meeting at the Mosque and joined the Nation of Islam in 1968. Shahid states that he joined the nation, because “the meek shall inherit the earth and I thought that Muslims were the meek. The Muslims always had a glow and I wanted what they had.” The teachings of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad reformed his life and he committed himself totally to the Nation. Shahid’s sincere desire to serve, working long hours, and ready to move at a moment’s notice earned him a promotion to First Lieutenant. He is the only co-founder to meet The Honorable Elijah Muhammad; a moment he will never forget. In recounting the feeling he had after meeting with the Messenger during a job interview, “I had a certain kind of fear…not fear in the normal sense, but fear of knowing whose presence I was in…”

He witnessed the fall of the Nation of Islam after the Messenger’s departure and found himself without direction. He listened to the misinformation and vilification of the Messenger and as one who had a significant role, felt powerless to respond. When Munir approached him about establishing C.R.O.E. it made perfect sense. C.R.O.E. allowed him to share his knowledge and experience with those who never met the Messenger nor heard the teachings. Ask Shahid a question about the Nation of Islam under the Messenger and it will spark a passionate and loving monologue of a time gone by. Shahid can take you from the present and place you in the past from his sheer ability to describe a period so important to himself and our people. He bears witness with even the minor detail. He works closely with the development of the men of C.R.O.E. and has provided training to other individuals outside the organization.

Shahid brings to the team and the organization much more than his witness bearing. His warm personality and beautiful smile gives the team the balance and serenity needed to address the various issues they face daily. His calming and balanced personality, even when he is chastising you, will bring a smile to your face.

Today, Shahid consistently shares with the members and visitors of C.R.O.E. that following the blue print of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad has enriched his life. In addition, it has been the most important piece contributing to the success of the organization. Shahid states that “serving as the Co-Founder and Director of C.R.O.E. was the best decision he made in reconnecting him to his leader and teacher, The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad.”





Shahid Muslim












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