Questions A Wide Awake Man Should Ask

  1. Can a minister of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad teach that Allah is other than a Man (Who came in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad)?
  2. Can a follower of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad change the teaching in any way?
  3. Can a follower of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad deny that he is the Last Messenger?
  4. Can a follower of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad change the date of the celebration of the coming of Our Saviour, Master Fard Muhammad?
  5. Can a follower of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad become His Successor?

Answer to Questions 1-5, is an unequivocal NO!

Quotations of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad

  • The true followers of the Messenger believes as the Messenger believes (MTTBM – Pg. 259)
  • If you are my followers, then seek the way through me (SOTM Vol. 1 Pg. 16)
  • There will be no other Messenger; I am the Last and after me will come God Himself (MTTBM – Pg. 306)
  • Allah does not make a second choice in choosing a Messenger for another (MTTB – Pg. 260)
  • I alone, God has risen up to teach a dead man. (SOTM Vol. 1 Pg. 23)
  • I’m the Elijah of your Bible and The Muhammad of your Holy Qur’an (TOT June 4, 1972)
  • The only thing that is unforgivable is that you will not accept Allah as God and not accept His Messengers as the Messenger (MTTBM – Pg. 306)
  • It is not predicted in your Bible that somebody will come outside of America to lead you (OSHA – Pg. 50)
  • The Minister’s job is to deliver the message and oversee the Mosque (DOAL February 26, 1961)

This mild-looking man is…the most powerful Black man in America. He offers a new way of life. Muhammad prompts even his severest critics to agree when he says he attacks “traditional reasons the Negro race is weak.”

Reader’s Digest

Elijah Muhammad has been able to do what generations of welfare workers and committees and resolutions and reports and housing projects and playgrounds have failed to do. …He has done all these things, which our Christian church has spectacularly failed to do.

James Baldwin in his book, The Fire Next Time

Alone of all the Negro leaders Elijah Muhammad has a vivid awareness of the vital need of a new birth in any drastic human transformation, and he alone mastered the technique of staging a new identity…It is worth remembering that what Elijah Muhammad is doing to the Negro is, in a sense, what America has done to the immigrant from Europe.

New York Times Magazine

Muhammad’s movement is unique in that it has thrived outside the Christian tradition and the Protestant community. White Americans have brought this on themselves; and the responsibility can’t be evaded by attacking the Muslims.

Former Presidential Assistant and Former Harvard Professor,
Arthur J. Schlesinger, Jr. in Esquire Magazine

Muhammad, a master psychologist, offers identification, definition and belonging to all those who seek it, and in return gets a loyalty, obedience and discipline which staggers the imagination.

Jet Magazine

Muhammad gives his followers that ineffable sense of being, sense of power that binds them together.

Cosmopolitan Magazine


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