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Sis. Ebony Muhammad continues to write thought provoking articles in the Muhammad Speaks Newspaper published by Muhammad's Temple #20 in Camden, NJ. Her articles bear witness to the greatness of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad's teachings. In the February 2011 Edition of Muhammad Speaks, Sis. Ebony "Deconstructs Black History Month" by reminding us that we will have a history to celebrate, once we accept our own; the most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. To read this article, select the link below.

Sis. Ebony also wrote several articles that have appeared in previous editions of the Muhammad Speaks Newpaper. Those articles are still available by selecting the links to the respective titles.

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by The Honorable Elijah Muhammad from Our Saviour Has Arrived

I am well aware of my disputers who dispute without knowledge and who are followers of the devils for certain privileges. They claim to be representatives of God and Jesus Whom they claim to be the Son of God, but they are licensed, ordained, and sent by the devils (God-sent men are licensed by the world).  This class which loves to be revered and honored by the people whether God has any respect for them or not are really agents of the slavemasters the devils). They are secret persecutors and murderers of the prophets of God and will say: "If they had been in the days of the prophets, they would have been their followers and would not have opposed them.'' Yet they persecute me and my followers and all who teach the truth for the same reason that the enemies did to the prophets of old.

It was special privileges that Pharaoh offered the “enchanters" to oppose Moses as being a liar. "He promised them that they would be drawn near to him," (Pharaoh); Holy Qur'an (7:113, 114). It is the nearness (friendship) of the white race that the majority of the so- called Negro preachers seek, and not the nearness, love, and friendship of God. They openly confess that in their position (licensed and missioned by the white race to preach according to their likings), they cannot preach the truth if that truth is against the white race. Their followers' (church members) burdens are ever made grievous to carry because of the love and fear of their enemies by the preachers. They call preaching the truth hatred.  The source from which my teaching springs, or fountain from which I drink, is the same source from which Noah, Abraham, Moses, and Jesus drank – Almighty Allah (God) in whom you probably do not believe; as the disbelievers of the above – mentioned prophets did not believe in those prophets’ truth.

The early man (original man) knew the earth’s revolutions, the circulation of blood, and the existence of microbes.  The only man or people who were late in acquiring such knowledge was the white race which is the only late or new race we have on our planet.  “Adherence to the unknown is a throw-back to anyone or nation.”  This is the number one holdback to the so-called American Negro.  Without the knowledge of self or anyone else, or the God of their salvation they are lost, strictly adhering to or following those who preach and represent a mystery God (unknown), but yet charge that mystery God with getting a son out of wedlock and of waiting 4,000 years to produce His Son to give His made people (the Adamic race) the religion called Christianity.  This is the gravest charge that could be made against the all-wise, all-knowing, and all-powerful God.  And they say: “The beneficent God has taken to Himself a Son.”  Certainly this is an abominable assertion; the heavens may almost be rent thereat, and the earth cleave asunder, and the mountains fall down in pieces that they (the Christians’ preachers) ascribe a Son to the beneficent God.  And it is not worthy of the beneficent God that He should like to Himself a Son.  “There is no one in the heavens and the earth, but will come to the beneficent God as a servant,” Holy Qur’an (19:88-93).

I bear witness with the above-said that an all-wise, all-powerful God does not need a Son; and if He would get one as the Christians charge Him (out of wedlock), He could be charged with adultery.  I repeat, “The white man’s so-called Christianity is not only no good for the Black man; but it is fast proving to be no good for the white race who are the founders of that religion, and not Jesus, as they would like for you to believe.

Email from Patricia 96 a.k.a. Akilah Muhammad Slander and Rumors

Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2010 19:48:22 -0500
From: Patriciaa96 <>
Reply-To: Patriciaa96 <>
Subject: Slander and Rumors

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful...As-Salaam Alaikum

Dear Brother Munir Muhammad,

My name is Sister Akilah Muhammad and I am formerly from Chicago. You may not know me, but I was once married to Brother Akbar Muhammad. I have been a follower of the teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad since 1982 as you yourself are a follower. I came into the knowledge through the leadership of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. I was a recipient of one of your e-mails about L. Ron Hubbard. I have seen you at our meetings and know of you through various mediums. I want to report to you something I heard from a sister friend who called me to ask if this comment was true. She said that she received this information from a reputable documentary journalist who said that it came from you. She said that you told this brother that Minister Louis Farrakhan has scientology running the Nation of Islam. They are in the upper ranks pulling the strings and that Minister Farrakhan is using their teachings to set himself up as some sort of diety among the people. He had the Believers sign something pledging their allegiance to scientology. Upon hearing this she did not believe it and called me to confirm if it was true. I am compelled as a Believer to address you and I follow my intuitions.

I told her that whomever told her this was a complete liar and that Minister Farrakhan doesn't have to use any other truth to appoint himself as a so-called diety (language that we don't use by the way), we are all taught that in our original state the Black man is God. If what she said to me did in fact come from yourself, I would like to warn you that the enemy loves this type of guile and will use it for his benefit. We are either agents for him knowingly or unknowingly. These rumors may or may not be true, but please be careful the purpose of why you are sending out information to inform people about L. Ron Hubbard's views. Dianetics in its application is color blind. It works no matter who does it. The Minister could have kept this knowledge to himself and only used it for himself. Out of his great love and humility, he brought it to us to help what he has watched over his many years of helping Black people the sickness that plague us as a people.

The e-mails that you are sending people only show the enemy that they can sift you. It shows your envy and jealousy. If you and others are not into the study of Dianetics, then what is the purpose of warning people like they are being brainwashed or something? His sheep will recognize His voice. I recognize the teachings in this study and I intend to use every drop of it, not scientology. Our Minister is not giving us scientology. We are wise enough to recognize. One doesn't not have to lie to get their point across. The truth stands alone as a tester for time and ideas. I think the preservation of the books and speeches of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad is a wonderful thing that you are doing. Everyone has a part to play in this great work. There is a big field for us all to work out in. It is a waste of productive energy to look in another man's field and criticize his crop. Just keep planting your truth.

When Master Fard Muhammad had the mother plane built, different people were assisting him in building certain parts of it. All nationalities I am told. He is a wise God. Why is this study any different. Dianetics is the technique and application to Clear us deep seated illness that have been passed down through a cellular level. Who cares what L Ron Hubbard thought about us. I plan to use the technique to allow me to go deeper into the study of the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Since you love the Messenger as you do, I know you don't want to step on his toes by interfering in his work of resurrection. If that is the case, then whomever does this is playing with a hot fire and a hot one at that so said Master Fard Muhammad as said to me by Mother Tynetta Muhammad.

Everyone has to seek there own level and be happy in that sphere. I pray that you find what makes you happy and stop trying to pull weeds out of someone else's garden. Work on your own. If I am wrong and what the sister said is untrue, then please be aware that is how the enemy uses our divisions. Let us not fall victim over and and over again to Yakub spreading lies. They are masters at finding out weaknesses and using them to cause more division. We love the Devil because he gives us nothing and we don't even recognize his tricks. (I am shaking my head). Haven't we learned anything from the history that we love to talk about so much. And we wonder why the Minister felt it necessary to bring us this truth in the first place. We need to seriously check ourselves.

May Allah guide us all to work on one accord in brotherhood and unity.

Sister Akilah Muhammad


An Open Letter By Cynthia X (Williams) of New Jersey

ASA Bro. Farrakhan:
I am troubled and deeply pained. Imagine if a Believer was knocked unconscious in 1994 and woke up in 2009? Imagine that same Believer slowly re-acclimating oneself to the Messenger by listening to Theology of Time series, watching the interview of the Messenger by Irv Kupcinet and Buzz Anderson, then studying the Messenger's 1958 Birth of a Savior.

Now imagine that same Believer seeing the current edition of the Final Call "Can America Win" featuring a white soldier holding a gun on the front page.
Bro., Where is Elijah?
Ohhh, I found him: Page 19 Prayer in Islam; Page 28 Fasting and Eating Right Foods. Is this really adequate? Is this enough Teaching for the Snoop Dogs, Foxy Browns, and the remainder of our Dumbed Down Black populace?
I saw something on YouTube where you decried anyone making you into a punk. Well, why depict Elijah as a old relic of the civil rights era; as if Elijah is relevant only to topics of food and prayer;
your paper just punk'd the Messenger of Allah.
Where are Elijahs Teachings about the reality of God Allah, Who Came in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad in the Final Call?
Where are Elijahs Teachings about the Original Man and the Colored Man/Yacub's Grafted Devil?
Have you and your followers become ashamed of Elijah? Why do you have "followers"? Aren't the people whom you minister to suppose to belong to Master Fard Muhammad?
Why have you not kept Elijah out Front as all the Ministers were instructed in 1965? The instruction hasn't changed. You do still take instructions from Elijah don't you?
Our people are more depraved, savage, and vulnerable than ever.
You self appointed yourself to lead the NOI after pledging allegiance to the Hypocrite and Defamer Wallace Deen.
The Believers forgave your Hypocracy when you pledged to re-build the NOI with our help. Instead of manifesting the Messengers characteristic Humbleness and Fire (that consumes false teachings and the Liar), I heard you say you are Wise. I listened to you say, you were a General and had manuevered to keep us from being slaughtered.
You make yourself a rival with Master Fard Muhammad by using such language. The Scientists saw no end to His Wisdom, so to style yourself as Wise and a General there must be evidence to support this, but as the Messenger taught, what would another one teach you? We only need to echo the Teachings and practice the Program.
It is only the Son of Man who controls who lives and who perishes.
 All you had to do was be a faithful and parrot of the Teachings of the Messenger. This is not an insult but a high compliment to anyone who maintains fidelity to the Teachings from God Himself against the onslaught of the forgetful, silly, and jealous orthodox muslims, and the Devil.

The Messenger and Allah are inseparable, Allah made His Choice in 1931. I chose you as my leader in 1980 as the National Representative of THEM at the Elma Lewis School of Fine Arts in Boston.

Yet by 1994 the Spirit of the Messenger departed from me with help from you going off course derailing the Teachings and not keeping the Messenger out front.
The Million Man March has become the Million Man Corpses. The stench of death envelop Black people everywhere in America because our Men are not functioning like the example of the Messenger and our women are the Devils handmaidens.
We are decomposing while we live. Poison food, poison air, poison medicine, bad housing, low education, single mothers who can't teach anything to the "future", marriageable Black men in prison confinement, non-stop computer game playing, endless filthy dancing, and so on and so forth.
So under your leadership, instead of making me study the Messenger I spent countless hours trying to grasp your new teachings in the series, "Self Improvement the Basis for Community Development", oh, and the Number 19 as if I were in seminary school. It was sterile and non life giving and I faded. I probably would have fought the good fight if the Teaching remained consistent. I don't know for sure. But those endless Bible verses were not helpful. Young people have to be put to work to see how you grow and nurture business and self independence. I went from Muslim novice to Christian theology scholar. Definately not what I signed up for.
What I should have been studying is what Master Fard Muhammad instructed, not your revamped version of the wheel.
What MFM gave Elijah in 3.5 years lasted Elijah 44 years. How then do you stand up in 1977 or '78 and switch out teachings a few years later. You didn't re-capture what was squandered and given away by Wallace. Until you could match the Messenger, all you had to do was aide us in catching up to where the NOI left off.
Orthodox Muslims. Their non-acceptance of Master Fard Muhammad and Elijah is of no consequence; they control nothing in Allah's heaven and earth.
Ramadan is in December. Allah did not give you Authority to Change or Alter what He deemed appropriate for the Black people in America in terms of fasting from spending, drinking, and hog eating all in the name of a righteous prophet Jesus in the month of December.
Bro. how were you able to embrace and praise Wallace Deen when he sent you and a whole generation of our people back to the vomit of spirit worship, forbidding the Messengers books, sending us into empty rituals, dependancy, and seeking nearness to our open enemies of 400 years? But even more important, how do you embrace someone who tried nearly all his life to humiliate and hurt the man giving life to the dead Black Nation and gave life to You? Allah does not love His Enemies. Are you more magnanimous than Allah? Of course not, so you embraced Wallace Deen for a reason known only in your bosom.
Wallace never recanted or asked forgiveness. Why are there no articles in your Final Call examining The Time? The Son of Man? Do you not care you are aiding in Depriving Black people the knowledge of Self, God Allah and the Devil though you have a medium to educate Black people about Elijah?
Do you realize by omitting the Base Teachings that God is a Man and not a Spook, and the caucasian is the Devil who continues to visit horrific Evils upon the defenseless Black People, you are complicit in sheparding the Black people of America to Destruction?
Warning to the Orthodox Muslims who seek to Deprive the Messenger of what Allah gave him which is the Authority and mission to preach Freedom, Justice, and Equality to the deprived Black people in America.
The Orthodox Muslims, with your blessings Bro., returned us to worshipping a Spirit/Spook to make us unworthy and to prevent us from getting out of the way of Allahs Destruction.
Master Fard Muhammad's destruction of America was delayed to give an opportunity to teach us and then get us out of the way of Allah's chastisement on America and the rest of the white Devils along their Black sympathizers.

Are you trying to win friends and influence people by denying Elijah and the "Separation or Death" that he taught?

Why not trumpet and promote Elijah?
He overcame the slanderers and Hypocrites(Kallatt, Malcolm, and Wallace Deen et al).

His example of non-stop Nation building to doubting Black people proving "Yes We Can" long before it was co-opted by the chameleon half-original Obama (who wont even speak one word nor commit any federal resources to Black concerns). But you know what Bro. my pain is easing and my fire is increasing. If Allah is indeed Oft-Returning to Mercy, than by making me to know the the Coalition for the Remembrance of Elijah (C.R.O.E)is that mercy to me. Now, I do not know how my story will end, but I do know I haven't felt the Spirit of the Messenger until CROE. They are the archive for the history of the NOI and an institution of Higher Learning.

I've been "processing". What this means is CROE insists that our people need to know Elijah's Teachings to the fullest. They promote Black people having a direct relationship with the Teachings without anyone's slant, bent, interpretation, or coloring. They remove conscious and unconscious barriers that would interfere with getting the Root knowledge, the Teachings.

 This includes personality worship or depending on a personality to give the teachings life to a student. It's like the old Kung Fu t.v series, when Kane could walk across the rice paper without tearing it, he could rely on his own base of knowledge to be self-guided for the remainder of his life.
CROE promotes the Messengers teachings just as He gave it for 44 years.
 Its been a quite a journey but I have gotten you, dear heart, Bro. Farrakhan out of my system, and now see the Messenger and Master Fard Muhammad as the sole repository of light, truth, and Real Love.

I missed an opportunity to learn the Messenger when I was an impressionable teen under your direction. With CROE I get that chance to learn again. The Messenger said on 11/11/62 that the Devil would have a hard time trying to extinguish this teaching, "from the East coast to the Gulf coast, to the West coast round the boarder of Canady, you will find little Elijah's". 
C.R.O.E. is a little Elijah. I want to be a little Elijah. My own independent self. So I study Elijah as I've never done before.

 I hope it is not too late for me to do something worthy and have some heaven on earth while I live.
As Salaam Alaikum
Your Sis from Boston now in New Jersey
Cynthia X. (Williams)
Hoping you return to Teaching the Teachings of the Honorable ElijahMuhammad and not hide the Messenger or the reality of God being a Man in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad.

The Clear Voice

The Clear Voice is a monthly editorial written for the purpose of providing an invigorating Islamic perspective on current issues. If you would like to comment or have questions regarding the editorial, send an email to Please include the title of the commentary in the subject area of the email. To read this month's editorial, click on the link below.

The Clear Voice: Volume 10 Issue 2 (Click Here)

Articles by The Honorable Elijah Muhammad

Hypocrites, Disbelievers And Obedience: An Excerpt from Message to the Blackman, Pages: 248-249

The Beginning of Time and The Creation of God


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Founders' Day 2009

A Salute to those committed to the Messenger

On Sunday, February 8th, at 5:30 p.m., people from all walks of life around the country will gather in Chicago to pay homage to the founders of C.R.O.E. Located in the Marquette Park neighborhood on the city’s southwest side, C.R.O.E. was founded in 1987 by Munir Muhammad (Business Manager), Shahid Muslim (Director) and Halif Muhammad (Secretary). For the past 22 years these three men have been dedicated to a core mission; to make sure the name, accomplishments and ideas of Nation of Islam leader the Honorable Elijah Muhammad are remembered.

A cause that began in the basement of Munir Muhammad‘s home, as an idea to simply erect a billboard with a photo of Mr. Muhammad with the caption “DO YOU REMEMBER THIS MAN?”

Though the billboard never came into fruition, what germinated from that process has proven to be more significant and of greater importance. Today, the organization has blossomed into an archival library and research center that houses the most extensive collection of photographs, audio and video taped speeches, radio broadcast, television/magazine interviews, personal letters and private meetings conducted by the man known by his followers and the black community as the Messenger.

C.R.O.E. utilizes its impressive compilation of historical material such as newspaper periodicals of Muhammad Speaks, (the Nation of Islam newspaper from 1960-1975) with unyielding commitment and veracity to educate a new generation of black men and women about the accomplishments and impact of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad; “the only independent black leader in America” according R&B Superstar James Brown. With the core mission of the organization established; in 1994 C.R.O.E. TV productions was launched. CROE TV Productions is a vehicle consisting of six television programs and two weekly series The Munir Muhammad Show and Muhammad & Friends.

Each broadcast is geared toward providing the viewer with vital information and relevant news in its purest context. Professionals and experts in various fields are probed by host Munir Muhammad to provide analysis and background on topics; such as current health trends, politics, business, education, and other local and global news. The information presented on television by C.R.O.E. has been instrumental in clearing up many of the misrepresentations or false charges leveled at the Honorable Elijah Muhammad since his passing in 1975. Whether black or white, Christian or Muslim, the organization without fear or favor has remained true to its creed which one encounters upon entering of the doors of C.R.O.E. stationed high above the podium for all to see reads “Great Pains Have Taken To Use Only the Last Messenger’s Words”.

With over twenty television programs airing across the country (Atlanta, Birmingham, Charlotte, New York City, Prince Georges County, Maryland, Minneapolis, Superior Wisconsin and Gary, Indiana) and internet programming via, the Coalition for the Remembrance of Elijah Muhammad has continued to remind, enlighten, and inspire the black community for the past 22 years. If you are among those who would like to participate in the organization’s annual gala or make a charitable contribution contact C.R.O.E. at 773-925-1600 or e-mail at


The Lake of Fire

Written By: The Honorable Elijah Muhammad

The following editorial can be found in the book, Birth of A Saviour.

Think over how much you have been preached to like Jerusalem. The Jesus said he did all that work in Jerusalem, and that even if Sodom and Gomorrah had had that kind of work they would have believed and repented long ago. I say the same thing about Chicago, and Detroit: For 40 years I have taught the people of these two cities enough for them to walk into Heaven. Regardless to how high it is or how wide it is, they should be able to walk in it because they have been taught everything. They should be scientists at the Knowledge of Truth.

But just think over the prophecy. When the time came the people still were in doubt and it overtook them at a time they knew not. This is Truth.

That is the way it was with Noah and Lot. When the time came they didn’t have anybody so he had to turn them all over to destruction. Think over the hundreds of thousands of our people in Chicago to be turned over to destruction. If you are not a believer you won’t go any place but to that.

Don’t think I am going to try to defend you and you are at home asleep instead of at the Temple. I am the one.

I have said that I am the One who will be here to do this kind of work. You will say like the disbelievers said to the prophets in those days. They begged the prophets to let them go along with them but they weren’t worthy. Look at all of the converts Lot thought he had. The angels kept telling him they would cut the number down if he could bring it up. He kept running back thinking that he had more followers than that five or ten or fifteen. He thought he could get that before he would get out of the door but he was not able to do it. He just was able to bring before the Angels four or five.

The Bible and the Holy Qur’an speak of a very small number coming from you out of millions. The Bible says two out of a family and then it says in another place that the people would be very small in number, that believe. And it looks like that.

What’s holding you back? “Oh, I don’t believe nothing is going to take place like what he’s talking about. He may be talking just for money.” Well if we are, your money would not be any good if these things come to pass and they are going to come to pass.

A Man like Me who has been wrestling with your disbelief for years gets disgusted sometimes. We are having some bad, bad, bad troubles in this part of the world as you read and as you hear over the radio. There is suffering. Don’t think you are immune to it. The Holy Qur’an says you will hear it coming from a distant place with its vehemence raging and roaring. It is on its way to bite Chicago. It will frighten you nearly to death when you see these things going on in America and in Chicago.

Chicago and many other cities of America will be treated like these that you are reading about and listening to. That same kind of trouble, or worse, will come here. I am like Jesus said after he had taught Jerusalem so long and so hard. He was disgusted. He got outside and looked back at her. “Oh Jerusalem, Jerusalem, that killeth the prophets and stoned them that are sent unto thee. How often would I have covered thee as a mom covers her little chicks with her wings? I only say if thou wouldst believe, but thou now art left desolate. There will be no more prophets after me. I was your last one. Woe to Jerusalem. You hate prophets. You don’t like them. “That is an awful pitiful crime”. In about 70 years another king came in and sacked the city taking away the independence of the Jews. These things will soon come to America.

Then what will you do who are depending on the devil Caucasian here? You won’t have anything to look forward to. Some of you are loving the devil Caucasian so well and so sincerely that you don’t want to bear Me call him a devil. But you just stick around who are loving him. Him and you both will be pushed into the lake of fire together.

“And I saw,” said the Revelations, “the devil and those who follow him pushed into a lake of fire and brimstone.” Don’t think these people are lying just to fright you into believing. No. It is coming to pass. Prophets don’t lie. The people call them liars but they don’t lie.

The sun is going down in the West. This Teaching will raise a power Sun of Truth from this part of our planet by Me whom Allah (God) raised up among you. No more will you look towards the East after this for the light of Truth to come. The Light of Truth which the scientists of the East were not able to give you will come from the west. 

We are happy to have had the privilege to let the Word of truth drop into the heads of our people. We pray Allah that this Word will be multiplied into your hearts with the 30 or more million people of ours. 

We are happy to say to those who have read these few words that we are your Brothers and Sisters and we want you in the Circle of Safety from a Saviour Who is well able to save you and Me. 

Thanks to Master Fard Muhammad, Almighty God, for coming to save you and Me. The words that you have read of Him, please take them to heart. Go forth wherever you may go and tell others of your kind that the Saviour has arrived.  

May the God of Truth, Power, Justice and Equality go with you until we meet as I say unto you, As-Salaam-Alaikum.

Elijah Muhammad Messenger of Allah


The Cost of Conflict

Written By: Sister Shahrazad Ali

Conflict is usually defined as a process that begins when one party perceives that another party has negatively affected something that the first party cares about. Conflict is considered destructive and dysfunctional. The Black nation in America is in conflict – with each other – and with the word of God.

Messenger Elijah Muhammad said that “you will be all or nothing,” and “your unity is more powerful than an atom bomb.”

As much as he repeated these divine recommendations many missed the message, didn’t follow his instructions, and defied his advice ignoring our General Orders. It has caused us to fail at unity and now we are in greater turmoil because we are in conflict. Hell on earth.

This conflict has grown to be our biggest distraction. Conflict is a greedy beast that demands 24/7 attention. It has to be monitored, responded to, promoted and updated. Sometimes this conflict leads to physical aggression or death.

As we have nurtured our conflicts it has robbed us resulting in a massive loss of productivity, group cooperation and business and community advancement. It has stolen untold billions of dollars in unpooled resources. We have treated conflict with the utmost loyalty for nearly four decades, and consequently the only thing we can agree on is that we disagree. Interestingly enough, our conflict with our open enemy is not nearly as intense as our conflict with each other.

The basis of our major conflict is that we have different ideas about who God is, His color and His purpose - we disagree about religion. We have one version given to us by our former slavemasters designed to keep us singing, worshiping a spirit and praising a white man. Another rendition copied from the East is filled with ancient rituals, prayer beads and learning a foreign language. And then we have the truth, that was proven by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad – that God is a Black man called ALLAH, and that we need to do something for self and there is no life after death. He included how to eat to live, how to behave and be yourself. He sought to remove us from our mental slavery.

Two of the aforementioned sides represent lies and distortions, while the latter represents actual facts. Our salvation depends on the selection we make. How to make this decision has led to increased conflict – not peace.

This conflict coupled with the lies and competition for the minds and pocketbooks of our people has created a widening chasm between us making reconciliation nearly impossible. Our people are unconsciously backsliding into the blind deaf and dumbness of the past. Spiritually unconscious.

This appears frightening to some until we remember that Islam did not just come to unify, it also came to separate – the believers from the disbelievers – the righteous from the infidels. So we need not suffer from anxiety and grief due to our perceived small numbers. God has never created a society as wicked and evil as this one and saved ALL of the people. He picks and chooses and saves the best for Himself “ever since He made it.”

The misbelievers will not win, the liars will not win, the hypocrites will not win either. The words of Messenger Elijah Muhammad’s teachings that have been defiled will be corrected. Every divine revelation he uttered will be uprighted and submitted to. And our very lives will depend on us having the knowledge, wisdom and understanding he left for our survival.

So let the false prophets come and go, stay or leave, because they will not derail the truth given to us by The Honorable Elijah Muhammad from the mouth of Allah (God) Himself.

And as he used to say “hurry and join on to your own kind.” Don’t be swayed by the filthified Islam taught by misbelievers, and don’t be tricked by the bells and whistles being played designed to trick you out of your own Stop participating in the conflict.

Luckily there is no conflict in anything that Messenger Elijah Muhammad taught us. The sensibility and practicality of every word he taught allows us who believe to keep our sanity – and rise about the confusion canvassing our nation. Come out and visit CROE, ask questions and learn all about yourself. Learn how to be one of God’s chosen, not the rejected and despised.




Truth Dispels Falsehood: A Muslim Follower's Perspective

Written By: Aginah M. Muhammad

The following editorial was written by Aginah M. Muhammad in response to an article written in the Chicago Tribune by religion reporter Margaret Ramirez. The Chicago Tribune article was sent as a mass email from a group who participates in discussions that affect the black community. The article from the Chicago Tribune is included for your review and appears after Aginah M. Muhammad’s editorial.

Thanks for sharing this article with the group.  As a Muslim follower (born and raised) of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, I have a difference in perspective on many of the issues that have affected the Nation of Islam. 

#1 There is no leader of the NOI.  The Honorable Elijah Muhammad is the Last Messenger of Allah.  There is a difference between a messenger and a prophet.  A messenger delivers a warning/message to the people.  A prophet speaks of things to come.  True followers of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad believe that Master Fard Muhammad (God in Person) raised the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.  The Holy Qur'an itself speaks of the fact that every nation would have its own warner and messenger, so the people would not be able to use the excuse that they didn't understand.  Unfortunately, many black folks can't believe that God would love us enough to take one from among us and teach him, so that he could impart a message to the masses of black men and women in the wilderness of North America to save their life.

#2 Minister Farrakhan who received the title of National Spokesman of the NOI from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad can't choose himself as the "leader".  When the Honorable Elijah Muhammad departed from us in 1975, Wallace D. Mohammed took over the NOI.  He forced Min. Farrakhan out.  It was a few years later that Min. Farrakhan picked up the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and began to serve as a reminder.  All of the Messenger's ministers were given specific instructions on what to teach the people.  Once a person deviates and turns hypocrite, God leads them step by step to destruction from whence they know not. 

#3 There has also been other occasions in which Saviour's Day has been publicized as "his last address".  For those who don't know, Saviour's Day is the birthday of Master Fard Muhammad, who we believe is God in Person.  It should not be symbolized as the "crowning event of black history" as if it is just merely a day for someone to give a speech.  When the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was present the date for Saviour's Day was never changed.  The actual date is February 26th.  If that day fell on a Tuesday, the convention was held on a Tuesday.  We don't change the date that Christmas is celebrated, so we don't believe that you can change the date for the celebration of who we believe is God in Person, Master Fard Muhammad.

#4 There may be a number of groups who will venture off in a different direction.  There already are many.  There are many followers of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad who were a part of the first resurrection (as it is called) who were deeply effected by the games Wallace Mohammed has played as well as Minister Farrakhan.  As such, people have chosen to use the Honorable Elijah Muhammad's books, tapes, etc. as their guide.  There will be no more temples; people have to learn how to be a temple within themselves.  I believe that is what it has boiled down to.

#5 The Nation of Islam is not the same and never will be the same, because Minister Farrakhan has been extremely concerned with being accepted by rappers, entertainers, and the mainstream society.  Many people have lost respect for members of the Nation of Islam, because they’re not the same caliber of people (followers).  You have holiday Muslims, Sunday Muslims, etc.  A microscope has always been placed on Muslims.  The Nation of Islam is not some social reform organization.  It is a religion, a way of life.  There have been countless people who have been able to redeem themselves and start anew simply by following the life-giving teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

I urge each of you to learn the true history of the Nation of Islam and the most Honorable Elijah Muhammad.  You can start by visiting the Coalition for the Remembrance of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad (CROE) 2435 W. 71st Street, Chicago, IL 60629 (773) 925-1600 (


Is this Farrakhan's last public address?

Nation of Islam leader readies last address

By Margaret Ramirez
Tribune religion reporter

February 22, 2007, 8:16 PM CST

After a life-threatening surgery and nearly seven months in seclusion, Nation of Islam leader Minister Louis Farrakhan is expected to give his final address this weekend in Detroit, a speech that observers say will urge stronger unity among Muslims and signal the next era of leadership for the religious movement.

For the larger African-American community, regardless of faith, Farrakhan's speech represents a significant moment as the last chance to see and hear a leader who so clearly defined black empowerment in America. Many black Chicagoans are planning to travel to Detroit for the speech or listen on the radio.

"There is a deep sense that this is a historic moment, not just for the Nation of Islam, but for the people of the black community, in general, who view Farrakhan as an influential voice," said Zaheer Ali, a Columbia University researcher who is conducting an oral history of the Nation of Islam.

Since last September, when the ailing 73-year-old minister handed leadership of the Nation of Islam to an executive board, observers have been speculating whether he would name a successor. Leaders of the Nation downplayed the idea that Farrakhan would name someone this weekend, preferring to focus on his recovery.

"He didn't leave us, so we're able to handle the day-to-day operations and we have him to consult with for all matters," said Minister Akbar Muhammad, international representative for the Nation.

Farrakhan's speech, scheduled for Sunday afternoon at Ford Field football stadium, is the closing event of the Nation of Islam's annual Saviours' Day Convention, which began Wednesday and commemorates the birth of Wallace D. Fard, who founded the Nation in Detroit.

Though Saviours' Day gatherings have been held in Chicago in the past, leaders chose Detroit this year as a homecoming for the movement and an appropriate stage for Farrakhan to take his final bow.

Minister Jamil Muhammad, national spokesman for the Nation of Islam, said from Detroit that he believes Farrakhan will discuss a deepened spirituality in his speech, titled "One Nation Under God."

"When a person has been under an extraordinary trial and when God pulls that person out, that person never comes out the same," he said. "They come out deepened and broadened and enlightened. His life is now a witness to us of the incredible healing power of God."

77 years of history

It was in 1930 that Fard began preaching a new religious message merging the Islamic faith with black nationalism. Elijah Muhammad took over the movement four years later and oversaw its rapid expansion. After Muhammad's death, his son broke away and moved his followers to mainstream Islam, while Farrakhan rebuilt the Nation and emerged as its leader in the late 1970s.

Farrakhan has often sparked outrage with controversial comments, including harsh anti-Semitic statements. But in recent years, most significantly after his battles with prostate cancer in the 1990s, he has tried to strike a more conciliatory tone. His popularity among young black Americans grew after the 1995 Million Man March.

"As people look at Farrakhan, some may call him an anti-Semite and a demagogue, but on the other side there is significant reverence that is shown to him by African-Americans. Minister Louis Farrakhan is an absolute free black man," said Roland Martin, a talk show host on WVON-AM, which plans to broadcast the speech.

"He does not have to follow the same rules as other black leaders do. He doesn't have to do the song and dance. He can talk about white supremacy and American foreign policy without being concerned about repercussions."

When Farrakhan announced his failing health last fall and turned over leadership to the executive board, Farrakhan urged followers to move away from the idea of following a single leader.

"In this period of testing, you can prove to the world that the Nation of Islam is more than the charisma, eloquence and personality of Louis Farrakhan ... more than the physical presence of any individual," he wrote.

But a group management structure is new for the Nation of Islam and seems unlikely to last, said Lawrence Mamiya, professor of religion and Africana studies at Vassar College in New York and an expert on the movement.

"It may work in the short term while Farrakhan recuperates," Mamiya said. "However, I doubt that it will continue if he dies."

He thinks the most likely successor is Minister Ishmael Muhammad, son of Elijah Muhammad and Tynetta Muhammad, though the transition may also involve breakaway groups.

"As assistant minister of Mosque Maryam, the central headquarters mosque in Chicago, Ishmael actually runs the mosque since Farrakhan is usually not around," Mamiya said. "So he has the public speaking and leadership skills needed to lead the Nation of Islam."

Orthodox Islam differs from the Nation of Islam's teachings on key points. For example, Nation members consider Elijah Muhammad a prophet. But Farrakhan has tried to downplay the differences in recent years.

Dawud Walid, executive director of the Michigan office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, said he has heard from Nation leaders that Farrakhan may again address the need for unity between the Nation and mainstream Muslims.

"They spoke in broad terms about the need for more cooperation among all Muslims to tackle problems like drugs and crime," he said. "I think it would be a good idea for us to pursue."

Morgan Carter, a black Christian who describes himself as a "friend of the Nation," said he finds Farrakhan appealing because the leader is "un-bought and un-bossed."

"He speaks with a rhetoric, but it's a rhetoric that rings true," said Carter, co-founder of a community newspaper. "The minister is well-regarded. Whether you agree with him or not is immaterial."

Tribune staff reporter Johnathon E. Briggs contributed to this report.
Copyright (c) 2007, Chicago Tribune


CROE TV to Reach 3 Million Viewers in Manhattan!!

We are pleased to announce that CROE TV has once again expanded its broadcast! Muhammad and Friends will make its debut on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN) Thursday, November 9, 2006 at 11:30am (EST) on Channel 67. If you miss the debut, you can watch Muhammad and Friends again on Sunday, November 19, 2006 at 8pm (EST) on Channel 34. Manhattan Neighborhood Network is a non-profit organization that broadcasts programming on four public access stations in Manhattan. MNN's programs range from local to international in scope and reach up to 3 million viewers around Manhattan!

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We Need Not Have Fear For Future

These above words are those of disbelievers and hypocrites. The disbelievers and hypocrites of prophets and messengers of God never want to give them credit and honor and bear witness with them in saying that the message they are delivering to the people is from the Lord of the Worlds (God).

They always wish to give the lie to what a Divine Messenger or warner brings to the people from God. They say he has forged it or it is of his own making. It is not what God said, it is his saying. These are the words of disbelievers, hypocrites and proud ones against the truth and the bearers of truth.

The above verse says to the Messenger that he is to warn a people to whom no warner has come before him. Many of the writers on the history of Muhammad (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) of nearly 1,400 years ago, write that Muhammad was the first prophet that Mecca had ever seen. Even Maulana Muhammad Ali, who translated the Holy Qur’an in English, says in his footnotes on this verse that Muhammad was the first prophet that Mecca had ever seen and that he was raised among the descendants of Ishmael.

How do the scholars and writers of Islam say such when, if they make Muhammad a descendant of Ishmael they are condemning their own sayings that he was the first prophet of Mecca, when both Abraham and Ishmael were prophets according to the Holy Qur’an. Even the Bible and all religious people recognize Abraham as being a prophet.

Therefore, Muhammad could not have been the first prophet, because the very significance of the signs that Abraham and Ishmael built in Mecca tells us much about the type of prophet and people that would be raised up in the last days. So how can they say that this revelation refers to Mecca, the Meccans and Muhammad.

It reads: “Thou mayest warn a people to whom no warner has come before that they may walk aright.” This condemns the very fundamental teaching of the origination of the Prophets and Guides for the people coming from that direction, from the East. Mecca has been a sacred place. God, Himself, has protected its sacredness ever since time immemorial.

How then could this be a savage and unknown of the righteous and of even a righteous warner if there were not the will of God to keep that city sacred and deserving as a sign of righteousness?

Then how can the scholars say that it has not even seen a prophet or a warner from Allah? Would Abraham and Ishmael have chosen a more wicked place to set up a sign of the last warner and his people, which the Kaaba and black stone represents?

The very words, “to whom no warner has come before,” that they put in a book that is called the last revelation of Allah to the people could not mean Mecca. Because the last warner and the last people to whom prophets and the truth have never come to is the same people that the Bible and Holy Qur’an refer to as being blind, deaf, dumb and (mentally) dead, who must be resurrected before there can be a judgment of the wicked.

No people answers this description better than the American so-called Negroes. And there is no country that better represents that description of where no prophets have been sent than America. As far back as history takes us in reference to America, we find no prophet of Allah preaching Islam or warning the people in the Western Hemisphere of a coming judgment and to submit to the will of Allah that they may be saved from the destruction of that day. It is America.

The prayer of Abraham does not refer to the raising up of a prophet in Arabia, but a prophet among that particular seed or people of his, who must be searched for, located and found, a teacher must be given to them from Allah to teach and warn them of the purpose of Allah and the purpose of the Messenger being raised among them.


The Beginning of Time and The Creation of God

What do we mean when we say “time?” We mean that from the distance of something else that it took us so long and so long to get to the other point. If we have two points to meet together, we time the time that we are going to try to meet between the two objects.

So it means that we have motion and motion makes time. We cannot have any reading of time until we set motion. If motion is made, we calculate how long that motion takes to meet with another motion or an object. If I move my hand, you can see me as making some kind of time because I am making motion. If I hold my hand still it is making no time because nothing is going on. It is just a hand being held up.

We, as original Black people here in North America, have not been making time ourselves. It was due, to us not knowing how to make time. Time that is made worthless is no time at all. We don’t want that kind of time. We want time that will produce something. As long as we have no production from the time that we are making, we had better just sit down and let somebody else come in and make time. We have been sitting down here in North America ever since the slave-master said “you are free, nigger.” We sat down and asked him for something to do.

When a man has become so dead to the knowledge of the things which he should be doing and the knowledge of himself who is wasting time, that man is in bad condition. After 100 years up from slavery we have not made any effort in trying to produce something out of the time that the Divine God has given to us.

We want you to remember these things and put them in your mind to continue to keep calculating on. If we calculate from number one, who is God Himself, then I think we could get a starting point. A starting point is what you need in the day and time that we are living in now.

There is no man who knows exactly when the beginning of the heavens and the earth took place because there was no one to record the time. There was only one man there and he didn’t have the knowledge of keeping time like we have. He was laying the foundation for you and me to learn how to calculate time.

If we are going to acquaint you with time, when did time start? We cannot talk on time unless we know when time began. Time started a long way back when the first motion of an atom moved in out of darkness. When that atom moved it spelled time. That was, according to the teachings of Allah to me, 76 trillion years ago when these things took place. What things; the motion of time.

In the Bible it reads on the first page of chapter one (Genesis), “In the beginning…;” In the beginning of what? We must get these hidden truths understandable. There were no writers there at the creation because the creator had to make a writer out of Himself first. It was 6 trillion years after that, that writing took place, after His own creation.

“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” When was that? What beginning? You should set a time there so that we will know when the beginning was. If not, you leave us to argue with you. You should have said, “In the beginning, which was so long and so long ago…” Don’t say about” so long ago. It has a beginning. There is nothing before us or behind us that didn’t have a beginning.

If God was not before the beginning of what counts you have, then who was before him? He was the beginning Himself. Read this well. The beginning of time was made by the beginning of God. We had no beginning before He made Himself. We could not calculate time because there was no motion making time. But after He made Himself, He made a motion and we have been reading time ever since.

Let me go over that. The beginning was when God was making Himself from an atom of life. The motion of the atom was counting time but we didn’t know how to count it and He didn’t who was being made. So we had to wait until His complete making for Him to set up a time clock for us. His motion in coming out of the atom was making time but there was no one to calculate it. He couldn’t calculate it Himself because He had not yet been matured enough in his brain to calculate His own movements.

I want you who follow the devil to remember that you are making a fool out of yourself. God has now come and told us the truth of us. We are the first and will be the last if there be a last. We don’t see through the telescope of the scientists’ wisdom anything like an end to the Black man. Look at what He was made of. Look how He made Himself out of the material that comes last. The material of darkness comes last in the absence of light. He took the darkness and created Himself out of that which comes last so that there will never be a last to Himself.

If we see that one (the First God) emerged out of darkness, what force or power in the darkness brought it out? One could not have come out of darkness unless force was in the darkness to bring it out. In the universe now there is a force that moves seemingly unmovable stars. After so long a time, the star which we saw at one point has moved to another point. If that star move to another point in ten, twenty or a thousand years, force made it move. It could not move alone.

So this teaches us, Brother and Sister, that the force of space which looks as though it is nothing is moving to bring up objects that are hidden in it to our view. Jupiter and all the planets are moving by force. There is already a force that is going to bring to our view a star that is a hundred trillion miles or further back there. The One was already in the darkness but nothing gave it to us until the time brought it about. Then when the time brought it about, it emerged in our view into a revolving life that was hidden in the darkness.

We don’t know how many trillions of years it was there but it was there. It made itself out of a fine atom of water that it found out there with it in the darkness of the universe. We could not see life emerging out of space without water because we can’t produce life without water. Therefore there is some water out there in that darkened world (space). This space has produced us life, but how long was that life out there before it produced us a form? You calculate how long life takes to make one atom. That is the way it was understood.

You and I being dead over here in North America for so many years and North America being dead for so many thousands of years and the space over North America for so many thousand of years we can’t calculate the actual time. By the instruments that we have now, all we can say is that we estimate so long and so long.

If one emerged out of this black darkness and put the black darkness moving with instruments that the black darkness could count itself in calculating time, this is a wise God. Don’t play with Him. The figures one (1) and six (6) are the outstanding figures that we have. One represents the God that created the heavens and the earth and the other one represents the same (the six).

How is that done?He didn’t stop growing. He grew into the scientific knowledge of six and when He got into the number six, He still had us puzzled. We didn’t know how to overtake Him because the six came 6 trillion years after the one (from the year one) and we can hardly count into 6,000 years.

We have in time now such figures as 6, 7, 8, and 9. The zero count as nothing until something is put there with it to make it something. The zero represents nothing. If you try to get from one zero to another zero, you have nothing to go from or nothing to start with.Now if we go from zero to one, then from nothing is created what we call in arithmetic “number 1”. What produced the “1”? It was nothing, wasn’t it?

You may ask me, “Elijah, why do we make the zero round?” “Because that’s the way the universe was before the creation of man. Out of it we came by one that was self-created. He did not come from the creation of another one. He is the creator, Himself. He made himself in a circle so that the wisdom of His self creation could keep going to give knowledge, wisdom, and understanding to you and me.

Out of the darkness came one and He took the unknown and put it in front of Himself. Why; to produce the known. To move zero, He puts more zeroes beside zero and it keeps producing and making the one ten times more powerful than it was. In all of your figuring up to 9 there is no value to the zero unless you take one of the figures between 9 and zero and put it beside zero. If you put a figure on either side of zero you make something out of it. If you put a figure on the left side of zero it counts for ten. If you put the zero on the right side it counts for one-tenth.

So Allah came and He came on the left side of nothing. We were nothing until He came and got behind us. By His number one self getting behind nothing it made nothing ten-fold more valuable. If we say that we are in the figure 9, we got up to 9 going forward not backward.

If our father was made on number one, how did He get that figure when there had not been any more on the earth or in the universe before His creation? How did He become one?

We are taught that an atom is one ten-thousandth (1/10,000) of one. If it is one ten-thousandth of one, how did our father get up all these other parts to become one part? “What are you trying to drive us to, Muhammad?” I am saying that the more you (who knew nothing and were like the zero) add to the one God, you become something. I am only making figures of us, and from the figures I teach and you can understand.

We have started from nothing and God, Himself, started from nothing. We are going to something because the creator found something more in the darkened circle than He thought He would find. That same God is not here today but He laid a base for wise Gods to come and get a platform out of His work of self-creation.

We have been here on the planet earth, according to the teachings of God to me in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad to whom praise are due, ever since light has been in the total darkness of our created man. No man knows when the first Black man was made. As there was no diameter measured through the darkness that we created ourselves out of, we were unable to measure it. We can measure it now but not then.

We can’t tell you all about the atom of life which started Him into perfection of a stature and form of a man. I would have to go into how long darkness took to produce the atom from which the man was made. The atom out of which man was created came from space. It was out of space where it originated. An atom of life was in the darkness of the space and he came out of that atom. Now, you may wonder, how did that atom get in space?

The history of the space teaches us that at that time it was nothing but darkness. If there had been light for us to use our glasses on to find out if there was an atom of life in the darkness before the atom exploded to show what it was, we would tell you so. But we can’t go that far. We don’t know how the atom became in space.

What came out of space was a human being. Allah has taught me that this is as far back as we can go with it. He said to me in answer to my question on man’s creation, “Brother, we know that he was created but we can’t tell you when because we have nothing to go by. The first one had to tell all Himself, after He had created Himself. Then we go from what he said.” I thought that was good truth for me to teach you.

Deep in what many of you ask on the age of the Black man, you don’t like self. You like to mix in the white man’s tricknology. I am teaching you that the Black man is the first creature in the sun. You must realize that the Black man was the first to see the light after coming out of total darkness. He came out of total darkness and He was dark. A total dark man came out of total darkness and you are not satisfied to learn that you were the first and the only powerful creature in darkness? You created your own self right to guide your own way through darkness.



A Tribute to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad

Written By Aginah M. Muhammad

One great historian wrote: “the culture of a people is best manifested by the homage they pay to those who led with dedication and devotion to freedom and cause…” Not only does paying homage to those who have sacrificed for the betterment of others identify the culture of a people, but in my humble opinion it also proves the person’s level of consciousness. I pride myself in being a conscious individual who was raised by conscious minded parents. As such, I would like to pay tribute to the greatest black man to ever walk the face of the earth, besides God himself.

On October 7, 1897, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, who is considered by Reader’s Digest to be the most powerful black man in America, was born in Sandersville, Georgia. It was no accident that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad would transform from a sharecropper in the rural south to the Messenger of Allah (God) who came in the person of Master Fard Muhammad. The story was written well before the birth of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

In the close of the Old Testament of the Holy Bible, Malachi, 4 th chapter, 5 th – 6 th verse, God is speaking and the verses reads: “Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord: And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.” In the Holy Qur’an, 14 th Surah, 4 th verse, God is speaking and the verse reads: “And we sent no messenger but with the language of his people, so that he might explain to them clearly. Then Allah leaves in error whom He pleases and he guides whom he pleases. And He is the Mighty, the Wise.” For 3 ½ years, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was taught directly by Master Fard Muhammad (God in Person) the religion of Islam. He was given the difficult task of teaching black people their true religion, Islam, a religion of peace and righteousness.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad took this job seriously. He never wavered from his post as the Messenger of Allah in the 44 prolific years of his work. Here’s a man who worked night and day to save his people. His mission was to give life to the dead. Not the physically dead as some may think, but the mentally and spiritually dead black man and woman of America who were robbed of their name and religion. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught his followers that we needed a special teaching because we were in a very special condition.

What matter of man has the vision and knowledge to create a nation within a nation? What matter of man can transform the common criminal or unconscious individual into a clean, respectful, thinking and productive man or woman? What matter of man can instill in children a sense of pride, discipline, and respect for not only themselves but their elders? The only man that can do this is one who taught and walked with God.

I plead to you that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was and still is the man, who can save lives. The time is well over due for credit to be given to a man who sacrificed so much but has been given very little respect in return. Many of us owe our very lives to the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. This year, let’s provide the Messenger of Allah with the homage he is due. We can begin to pay homage by acknowledging his birth and by making a commitment to learn the truth about the man, who saved thousands of lives.


Let's Reason - Written By: Halif Muhammad

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad made a very simple request of the Black man and woman. To simply reason about the important issues of life was his primary request. During his 44 years among us and even today, I submit the most critical issues are the same; they are the role we allow white people to play in our lives as Blacks in America and the role we choose to have God play in our lives. And history will show that these two issues are closely related.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad asked us to follow his reasoning and rationale on the topic of the relationship of whites and blacks. His fundamental premise was that a people who had proven time and time again that they could not treat you right (with fairness, civility and respect) could not be relied upon to teach you correctly on the most important issues of life. That simple and fundamentally sound reasoning brings the following history to mind. History shows and Caucasians admit, they brought millions (and lost millions more on the way) of Blacks to America for the expressed purpose of free labor. It is important to note here that mere slavery is not the atrocity here, because slavery existed centuries prior to their work; but they took it to a new and lower level.

Historically, slavery had been a part of many cultures, including Africa. However, slavery was never implemented for generations and generations of a people until the slavery of Blacks in America. It had been a temporary condition where a person could buy or work their way out. Or, it had been a temporary condition due to the loss of war. But never before had slaves lost their entire identity, name, religion, family and cultural unit before slavery in America. Slaves before, had retained their identify and worked for free until their time or life had expired, but never had a society enslaved for 300 years and numerous generations before slavery in America. What was lost was not just freedom, but the identity of an entire nation of people.

But even after the official end of slavery in 1865, whites continued to express their hate for blacks in many ways. And Blacks continued to press to be a part of their society. This is where The Honorable Elijah Muhammad asks us to reason on the topic of Christianity as taught to the black man and woman by whites. Why would a people who have proven they hate you and treated you worse than any group of people have been treated in the history of mankind, decide to reveal to you the secrets of obtaining eternal life at their side? These are the same people that did all they could do to prevent you from working next to them for a week. These are the same people that made laws to prevent you from sitting next to them at a lunch counter for one hour. These are the same people that made laws to prevent you from sitting next to them on the bus for 30 minutes. These are the same people that made laws to prevent you from using the stall next to them in a public restroom for 30 seconds. Can we believe these are the very same people that could teach you Christianity correctly, so you could spend an eternity in heaven next to them?

It is not reasonable to make the leap of faith that the people who could not treat you right and the generations before you right, would suddenly treat and teach you right on the topic of spirituality and faith. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad simply asks you to consider the possibility that white people approached spiritual teaching in the same way they approached all of their other teachings of blacks. In a way that was self serving. Consider the reason we were taught to turn the other cheek. It was to ensure that the 100 or so slaves on a plantation would not consider overpowering the 10-20 Caucasians that were in charge. Consider the reason we were taught to focus on the “hereafter” when whites were and are clearly focused on getting the most they can from this life. It was to keep us from focusing on the obvious dissatisfaction we should have for our lives today with a promise of a perfect tomorrow.

If these few paragraphs make sense or sound reasonable then you must investigate The Honorable Elijah Muhammad because this is his teachings. It is his plain truth teaching that is the very basis of this article. It is his teachings that made me stop and try to put the pieces of the puzzle together as given to all of us for centuries by white people. And the truth is, the pieces of the puzzle can’t come together to make a picture that makes rational sense. I encourage anyone reading this article to not take my word or the word of anyone else, but investigate on your own. Read, Message to the Blackman, today.



Copyright The Coalition for the Remembrance of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad (CROE)