The CROE TV Production Team continues to expand its technological capabilities in order to provide our viewers with the most current information. Coming soon, we will be able to broadcast "Live Call-In" shows from the CROE TV studios! Continue to tune in and be the first of our viewers to have an opportunity to call-in live, and speak to our host, Munir Muhammad or one of our many informative guests. Continue to check our website or view our television programs for updates on this new feature!

CROE TV Enhances Its Technological Capabilities: CROE TV Productions Streams Live!

CROE TV continues to enhance its technological capabilities to bring vitial information to the local community and those across the world. Fans of CROE TV have viewed our productions online via You Tube, Manhattan Network and Atlanta's People TV. Now, you don't have to wait until our shows air on a weekly basis to view it online. You can view our shows streaming live as we are taping in our Chicago studio.

You can view CROE TV streaming Live every Sunday at 2:30pm CT by selecting the link below: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/muhammad-and-friends

OR http://vaughnlive.tv/croetv

OR https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=muhammad+and+friends+live

Live video for mobile from Ustream

We value your feedback. Please call us at 773.925.1600 or send an email to croe@croe.org to let us know what you think!

Link To New Live Streaming Platform

CROE TV Launches A New Website!

The New Year brings new changes as CROE TV Productions launches a new website! Through the leadership of CROE TV's host, Munir Muhammad, the CROE TV Production Team works diligently to provide viewers in the Chicago area as well as those viewers from across the country with useful information in an uninterrupted format, seven days per week. Currently, you can view many of our broadcasts - streaming live online through the Manhattan Network and Atlanta's People TV. The CROE TV website also provides viewers with an opportunity to view several clips of programs that have previously aired. You can also view detailed information about our programs and provide feedback about our broadcasts.

Our production team continues to raise the bar to provide you with pertinent information in several accessible media formats. Don't forget, you can also view CROE TV programs on You Tube. We encourage you to view CROE TV Production's new website at www.croetv.com and let us know what you think!

CROE TV Production Schedule (Click Here)

C.R.O.E. Monthly Film Series continue every Last Saturday of each month at 2:00 p.m.. For more information contact Mandene Muhammad at (773) 925-1600 !

Don't forget to watch Muhammad & Friends on Sundays at 7:30pm on Channel 19 (show repeats on Mondays at 2:30pm on Channel 19) and The Munir Muhammad Show on Tuesdays at 7:00pm and Wednesdays at 6:00pm on Channel 25!

Watch Muhammad & Friends in Other Major U.S. Cities

Don't forget, CROE TV can also be seen in the folloiwng cities:

Atlanta, GA: Every Sunday on Channel 24 @ 10:00pm EST and Live Streaming via the world wide web:www.peopletv.org

Birmingham, AL: Every Saturday on Channel 04 @ 4:30pm

Chicago, IL: Every Tuesday on Channel 25 @ 7:00pm and every Wednesday on Channel 25 @ 6:00pm

Cincinnati, OH: Every Saturday on Channel 4 @ 7:00pm EST and every Friday on Channel 4 @ 10:00pm EST

* Repeats every Friday on Channel 24 @ 11:00pm EST

Crete, IL: Every Monday on Channel 19 @ 7:00pm

Dayton, OH: Every Sunday on Channel 20 @ 6:00pm EST and repeats every Thursday on Channel 20 @ 1pm EST

Gary, IN: Every Tuesday on Channel 03 @ 2:00pm and 9:30pm

Inglewood, CA: Every Tuesday on Channel 35 @ 9:30pm

Los Angeles, CA: Every Tuesday on Channel 04 @ 9:30pm Effective July 20th - Every Friday on Channel 04 @ 9:30pm

Matteson, IL: Every Monday on Channel 19 @ 7:00pm

Minneapolis, MN: Every Sunday on Channel 75 @ 7:30pm

Where you can get "the local word on the whole wide world." www.mtn.org

New York, NY: CROE TV Programs air on Queens Public TV (QPTV) Channel 34, 35, & 56 and Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN) Channel 67.

Prince George County - Largo, MD: Every Monday on Maryland CTV Channel 76 @ 6:00pm

South Holland, IL: Every Monday on Channel 19 @ 5:00pm WOW Cable Subscribers can view the show on Channel 06.

Trottwood (Dayton Area), OH: Every Friday on Channel 06 @ 6:30pm EST and repeats every Wednesday on Channel 20 @ 8am EST

Muhammad and Friends: Brooklyn, NY Broadcast Schedule

Every Friday on Channels 34 and 69 @ 9:30am

Muhammad and Friends: Manhattan Broadcast Schedule

Muhammad & Friends air on Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN) Channel 56 and 67 and online at www.mnn.org

Check website for times


Muhammad & Friends Debuts in the Twin Cities!

Munir Muhammad continues to bring a message to people across the country. His hard work and dedication has been instrumental in over a million people obtaining vital information. As a result of his dedication and vision, Muhammad and Friends will make its debut in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Sunday, August 26 at 7:30pm on Channel 75 and will broadcast as a weekly series. You can continue to check our website to find out where Muhammad and Friends will debut next!


Muhammad & Friends Debuts in the City of Stars!

Through the vision of CROE TV's Executive Producer and Host Munir Muhammad, CROE TV continues to expand its viewing audience. Chicago Public Access most informative show, Muhammad and Friends will make its debut in Los Angeles, California, Tuesday, June 5, 2007 at 9:30pm on Channels 24 (L.A.) and 35 (Inglewood). Muhammad and Friends will broadcast as a weekly series in both Los Angeles and Inglewood California.

If you would like to receive more information about CROE TV or to receive updates on our television programs, email us at croe@croe.org. You can also check our website periodically to find out if CROE TV's next debut will be in your hometown!


CROE TV Expands Viewing Audience with You Tube!

CROE TV continues to expand its viewing audience by utilizing modern technology to get the message of the most Honorable Elijah Muhammad to people across the world. In November, CROE TV announced its debut in Manhattan, New York through the Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN), channels 67 and 86. MNN’s programs reach up to 3 million viewers in Manhattan alone. Additionally, any programs featured on MNN were also streamed live online at www.mnn.org, reaching viewers around the world.

Today, CROE TV has several video clips featured on “You Tube” and continues to add more daily. “You Tube” has been noted as one of the fastest growing websites on the World Wide Web. According to a survey conducted in July, 2006, 100 million clips are viewed daily on “You Tube”, with an additional 65,000 new videos uploaded per 24 hours. According to Nielsen/Net Ratings, the site has almost 20 million visitors each month.

If you are interested in viewing footage from CROE TV programs, log on to www.youtube.com and type the keyword “CROE” or “Muhammad and Friends” in the designated search area. If you would like to be notified when CROE TV has added a new video, you may send us an email at croe@croe.org and type:”CROE TV on You Tube” in the subject area. The vision to reach millions of viewers across the world has become a reality. CROE and CROE TV continue to work diligently and maintain its commitment to preserving the history of the most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam. We hope that you not only continue to watch, but support our cause as we provide the community with vital information that will ultimately save lives!


C.R.O.E. TV Productions

CROE TV Productions was established in 1994 by Executive Producer and Host Munir Muhammad to provide a forum for dialogue to increase community awareness. Since it’s beginning, CROE TV has become a full production facility that produces local programming for Chicago and around the country. CROE TV takes pride in providing programs that can’t be found anywhere else-thought provoking, educational, and engaging. We have given our guests an unedited voice to present their issues. CROE TV has received numerous community awards from institutions recognizing our diverse ethnic communities and our commitment to maintaining the cultural pluralism that makes Chicago a great city.

CROE TV produces a number of shows. Our signature shows are Muhammad & Friends and The Munir Muhammad Show, which appear weekly in Chicago on local cable channels 19 and 25. With more than one million viewers weekly, Muhammad & Friends has expanded to the south suburbs and is moving to other areas surrounding the Chicago metropolitan area. CROE TV Production Studio is located at 2433-35 West 71st Street (CROE Lane) in the West Englewood community. We are pleased to be a beacon of light and hope to community residents that have never had the opportunity to see and learn about video production.

Munir Muhammad established CROE TV to satisfy his personal desire to document and record history. With no formal training, he purchased a video camera and VCR; and the rest is history. His tireless efforts and commitment to document facts via video for the purpose of education, was recognized by others who joined him in the development of the studio.

Munir Muhammad is more than the Executive Producer and host of CROE TV. His uncompromising style, ethics, integrity, and recognized fairness has been instrumental in his relationship building skills, which has allowed him to attract guests from all walks of life – city, state, nationally, and internationally. His desire to educate remains a top priority and is recognized by his guests who contribute to the success of his programs. He looks forward to the future – you can be a part of the problem or a part of the solution.

C.R.O.E TV Production Programs/Producers

CROE TV Producer CROE TV Production Cable Channel
Jalil Ahad The Time CAN TV 19
Ahmeer Majied Message To The Blackman CAN TV 19
George Malachi Politics CAN TV 19
Kim Muhammad* Muhammad & Friends CAN TV 19
Kim Muhammad* The Munir Muhammad Show Chicago Loop 25
Mandene Muhammad Outside Politics CAN TV 19
Shahid Muslim Informative Talk CAN TV 19
Earl Rahman Political Talk CAN TV 19

*Kim Muhammad is the Senior Producer of all CROE TV Productions.

Television for the 21st Century and Beyond

“Muhammad & Friends”

  • Sunday nights @ 7:30pm and Monday afternoons @ 2:30pm on CAN TV 19
  • Now seen in the south suburbs Monday nights @ 7:00pm for Comcast viewers on Channel 19

“The Munir Muhammad Show”

  • Monday evenings @ 5:00pm,Tuesday nights @ 7:00pm, Wednesday nights @ 6:00pm, and Thursday afternoons @ 3:30pm on The Chicago Loop, Channel 25
  • For more information about CROE and CROE TV Productions, contact CROE (773) 925-1600.


CROE TV Reaches Millions via World Wide Web!

CROE TV made its debut in Manhattan during the month of November on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN). Muhammad and Friends will continue to air in Manhattan, every other Thursday on Channel 67 at 11:30am (EST). Manhattan Neighborhood Network is a non-profit organization that broadcasts programming on four public access stations in Manhattan. MNN's programs range from local to international in scope and reach up to 3 million viewers around Manhattan! MNN also streams live online at mnn.org, reaching audiences around the world. Thanks to Manhattan Neighborhood Network's innovative system, individuals across the world are able to log on to watch Muhammad and Friends on the world wide web as the show is broadcasting on television in Manhattan.

If you are interested in viewing the show, you can do so through our website. Remember Muhammad and Friends airs eastern standard time. Therefore if you live in a central standard time zone, you must log on an hour (10:30am) prior to the scheduled broadcast for New York. If you live on the west coast, you must log on three hours (8:30am) prior to the broadcast scheduled for New York. Detailed instructions on how to view our show via the world wide web are listed below.

In order to view Muhammad and Friends, you must have Windows Media Player on your computer.

Select the link to Manhattan Neighborhood Network below: http://www.mnn.org/viewers

"Watch MNN Live" is located on the bottom left side of the page

Select Channel 67/86

Muhammad and Friends will stream live online for the duration of the program.

To Read Article in The Birmingham Times (Click Here)

If you have questions or comments regarding any of CROE TV's programs, please forward via email to: croe@croe.org.


Comments from Our Viewers (Click Here)

To view an excerpt of "Munir Muhammad's Commentary" which aired on "The Munir Muhammad Show" select the link "From The Desk" on the navigation bar.





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